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    Many things can influence how quickly images load, but I have to say that I went through your Gallery Carousel in less than a minute. Lightning fast for me compared to the old Carousel.



    Should mention that I checked both in IE9 and Chrome 19.

    mattt, you’re welcome, but you’ve not addressed some of the other points people have brought up, specifically the white text/black background issue and the disproportionately sized image title. Any good news there?


    @sourcinghandmade — Like justjennifer, I also found that your gallery loaded very quickly for me. If you notice it loading slowly again, try loading the gallery in another browser (if you usually use Chrome, try Internet Explorer, for example) to see if that makes any difference.

    @justjennifer — I don’t have solid answers to your other questions right now, but I can tell you that we’re considering them all and continuing to work on the carousel as we speak. :)


    @janinalaszlo — We’re currently working on a fix for the bottoms of images sometimes not appearing properly. I’ll post an update when that’s taken care of.


    Also, the comments box only allows comments via email. For me I’d prefer the opposite, only from logged in users (WP, Facebook or Twitter).



    21forward can you please give us a direct link to a post/page with a Gallery where you see this happening? Starting with htttp://



    I’ve spent ages fixing my website after the Carousel format was forced upon us (telling people to click Permalink so they can view image descriptions), and now this happens! A complete utter mess.


    The title is way too huge.

    The entire gallery’s page is also too huge and will not display on my laptop.

    I do not want comments on my photographs and do not want camera data displayed.

    PLEASE revert to the original clean carousel as the default, with the permalink, and offer these other things as options.

    Thank you.



    I too am very upset about the changes to the Carousel.

    I do not want comments or my camera data displayed and as stated by others the title and other information are way too big. Also, I don’t want to give people access to the full size image.

    Furthermore, my images will not load at all in Firefox and take a long time when I use other browsers.

    I truly hope that the WordPress designers will bring back the old Carousel design and make the new changes optional.

    Although others have shown how to remove the changes using the Custom Design function, I have no other need for it besides fixing the Carousel.

    Please WordPress, consider these concerns.

    I use multiple WordPress blogs and have recommended it to many others. I like WordPress for its flexibility and ease. Making these changes to the Carousel and forcing my hand into my wallet to revert back to the original design would truly make me disappointed in your platform.




    Update: I was able to resolve my issues with Firefox.



    The changes to the carousel have now rendered it useless to display photos on my blog. I have a laptop, and I can not longer see those huge titles/captions that are stuck all the way at the bottom of the screen, since the photos are now also huge and take up all the space, and I wonder if anyone at wordpress thought to test this on a small monitor? Why did you roll it out when there were so many problems?
    Not only have these changes made it impossible for me to use the gallery going forward for my photos, the changes have now, of course, retroactively broken all of my posts on this blog. And, as someone else pointed out, changing the text from “permalink” to a more understanding “View full-size image” is too little, too late for those of use who already told all our users/readers to click on the Permalink.
    Plus, there’s a bug, I guess, so that the changes aren’t even completely working: yesterday’s post, which was fine when I posted it yesterday, now has most of the photos with this captions problem … but not all of the captions are broken, some still appear under the image in small print.. You can see the problem I see now here in the gallery in this post: (the first few photos are fine, the rest are broken in that I can’t view the captions on my laptop).
    More troubling is this post: – the gallery photos are clearly being cropped, since my copyright at the bottom left is cut off.
    I have used wordpress for many years, and recommended it to others, even though I wasn’t happy about the carousel when it was first rolled out. However I have adjusted my posting style to accomodate it since I had no other choice, and some of my readers liked the animation slideshow effect. But you have now completely broken even the carousel’s the animation feature: if you click on the last photo in the gallery (from the blog page) to start the carousel, then click on the right arrow the animation to switch photos is completely messed up.
    I would join with all the others on this forum to ask that you revert the carousel until you have fixed the features and tested them before you roll them out.



    I forgot to mention that clearly WordPress has listened to the complaints about the Exif info being displayed, since I found a Settings>Media>Image Gallery checkbox that allows you to turn that off. Yay. However, it would be nice to have had that turned *off* by default on all existing blogs, instead of my having to go back and do that manually.



    +1 for giving an option to turn off the Exif feature.


    As I mentioned previously, you may continue to see things change in the carousel as we fix bugs, add options, and finesse the design. We’ve already added an option to hide EXIF data, as clfoto noted, and more options are in the works. We’ll make an official announcement on when it’s complete. In the meantime, we ask for your patience; we’re working to add much-requested features to the carousel in a way that hopefully everyone can enjoy. :)



    Will you be adding an option to disable the Carousel?


    @timethief — No plans for that.



    Thanks for the confirmation.


    on the carousel, can wordpress add a link to the image, as well as the jpg.

    such as on

    can wordpress offer a link that would take us to this link, in our images:


    The blog I need help with is



    As iammattthomas said above, EXIF display is now optional. If you wish to hide EXIF display, you can find it in your Dashboard under Settings>Media >Image Galleries.


    More troubling is this post: – the gallery photos are clearly being cropped, since my copyright at the bottom left is cut off.

    The Carousel adjusts the size of the photo to the screen display. So if, for example, you go to full screen on the photo you mentioned was cut off, you’ll see the copyright watermark.


    can wordpress offer a link that would take us to this link, in our images:

    That’s what the earlier “Permalink” did. Unfortunately it’s been removed from the Carousel. However, all the information that was available on that page is now available in the Gallery Carousel.

    While the changes to the Gallery Carousel fill certain needs for photographers, as per the earlier thread when the Carousel was introduced in November, many people have also used Galleries and Attachment pages for tutorials and the changes to the Gallery Carousel don’t address their need of seeing both the image and the tutorial instructions at the same time. Hopefully this can be addressed somehow.


    @clfoto — Also, regarding this:

    More troubling is this post: – the gallery photos are clearly being cropped, since my copyright at the bottom left is cut off.

    Like justjennifer mentioned, resizing your browser window will usually take care of this problem. But I can confirm that it’s a bug and that it’ll be fixed before we announce the new carousel.

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