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New gallery features & EXIF data

  1. Hello everybody,

    Is there anything new about the bug in the scrollbar ?

    But on laptop screen a user has to guess that the arrow keys will work to scroll the carousel vertically to see the remaining information on the screen, as there is no way to scroll the carousel vertically with a mouse. I'm a big fan of the keyboard, but the carousel interface is not a normal place for the average user to be using a keyboard for scrolling. It's taken me over a week to guess that perhaps the arrow keys might work to vertically scroll to get to the rest of the carousel. This new carousel design apparently requires a large screen, a highly unfortunate design choice

    On my little screen I have the same problem !

  2. foundingfamilies

    I have the same problem with the scrollbar as @hrcreation, @clfoto and others in this thread. (I posted the issue here before @justjennifer pointed me to this thread:

    Is there any update on this issue?

    I really hope WordPress fixes this. It's frustrating and counterintuitive that the scrollbar is there in most browsers but doesn't work! As others have mentioned, many users will not think to scroll down looking for more info, and those that do are really unlikely to realize that they need to use the arrow keys if they don't have a track pad (it's very counterintuitive to use the arrows in a carousel).

    Thanks for all the work you've done to fine-tune the galleries--they're a great feature.

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