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    @justjennifer, I had to check back to find your original report about paragraph spacing (this thread is getting long!) :) and so I’m posting it here for reference:

    I was able to reproduce this issue for themes such as Yoko, Andrea, and Blogum—but the Carousel description paragraph spacing looks fine to me in themes like Twenty Eleven, Sundance, and Vostok.


    @justjennifer, description paragraph formatting in Carousel should be fixed now. I think various theme quirks are covered now, but please let us know if you see that problem happen again.


    Will there ever be an option to hide the image title, and a way to hide the view full size image button?
    It would be amazing if there were!


    @bigshotphotospot, the current plan does not include options to hide the title or the view full size image link.

    Also, note that if you would like to customize a blog to be different from the theme-defined or features (like the Carousel), you do have the option to purchase a Custom Design upgrade in order to make changes like that. In addition, the WordPress software itself is given away for free, so you can always get complete and full control if you switch to Both and are great options and it’s just a matter of picking the best option for your needs.



    @designsimply, you wrote

    The intended behavior is to have only the title display if captions and titles match exactly.

    OK, good to know moving forward, the problem was that I have hundreds of posts, on two blogs, that mostly use the carousel, where that wasn’t the case. You see, back when you introduced the carousel, you stopped supporting the “description” field in the gallery, which was unexpected, and inconvient. So, since it wasn’t clear to me which field you were using (caption or title) in the carousel, and in case you changed your minds again about which field you’d support, I decided the safest course of action was to put exactly the same text in all the fields. Just in case you dropped support again for one of the fields, I figured I was covered.

    Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that you would have some kind of supposedly “smart check” for duplicate text in the titles and captions field, and then just decide on your own which one to display in case of duplicates. This is really annoying. It has now broken my galleries, since the text is much too far down the screen to be useful as a caption on the photo, and the caption doesn’t appear anymore, since I put the same text in both fields to get around the problem in the first go round with carousel. Ah, the irony.

    All of these problem go away if you give us a controls to say “display the caption text, display the title text” in a gallery. Or, even just give us a global control to say “don’t hide duplicate text”. Or some control that puts us in control of how the text is displayed.

    Just give me a choice, that’s all I ask. Thanks.



    Hi guys — thanks to all of you for remaining patient with us while we work on the Carousel.

    I wanted to let you know that we’ve introduced two new options: background color and the ability to disable the carousel in favor of standard WordPress image galleries. We’re working to make Carousel something we hope you’ll all enjoy — but we understand it’s not right for every site, so we’re giving you the option to turn it off. The new white version of the carousel is a great fit for those of you with lighter-themed sites. You can see an example of the white carousel in action here:

    You’ll find the new settings in your dashboard under Media > Settings > Image Gallery Carousel.

    Settings screenshot:



    WooHoo! Happy Dance! Thank you!



    we understand it’s not right for every site, so we’re giving you the option to turn it off.

    Wow! We had suggested that in November 2011. Took you eight months to “understand”…



    I see you have started to emulate Google+ in the way they treat galleries of images.

    One thing the gallery emulates is that when someone adds a comment to an image in a gallery, nothing shows up in the post that features the gallery but only in gallery when you click to open it up.

    I think there should be a better way to show right in the post that someone has shown enough interest in a photo within the post to comment on it.



    Hello everybody,

    Is there anything new about the bug in the scrollbar ?

    But on laptop screen a user has to guess that the arrow keys will work to scroll the carousel vertically to see the remaining information on the screen, as there is no way to scroll the carousel vertically with a mouse. I’m a big fan of the keyboard, but the carousel interface is not a normal place for the average user to be using a keyboard for scrolling. It’s taken me over a week to guess that perhaps the arrow keys might work to vertically scroll to get to the rest of the carousel. This new carousel design apparently requires a large screen, a highly unfortunate design choice

    On my little screen I have the same problem !


    I have the same problem with the scrollbar as @hrcreation, @clfoto and others in this thread. (I posted the issue here before @justjennifer pointed me to this thread:

    Is there any update on this issue?

    I really hope WordPress fixes this. It’s frustrating and counterintuitive that the scrollbar is there in most browsers but doesn’t work! As others have mentioned, many users will not think to scroll down looking for more info, and those that do are really unlikely to realize that they need to use the arrow keys if they don’t have a track pad (it’s very counterintuitive to use the arrows in a carousel).

    Thanks for all the work you’ve done to fine-tune the galleries–they’re a great feature.

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