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New Gallery formats aren't working as expected.

  1. You'll have to experiment with the Captions. It seemed like at one time they were attached to a particular blog post or page (as opposed to the image) and then they weren't. But of course uploading the images again gives you a clean slate.

    You're most welcome.

  2. mikeosbornphoto

    They appear to be attached to images at the moment, so reloading seems to be the way to go. That or you choose not to have captions on images that happen to appear in more than one gallery.

    My next experiment is length of caption and how it renders in a post - all good fun!

    Thanks once again, Jennifer.

  3. Captions should be short, in my opinion, but also you've got the image description as well and both can have clickable links in them.


  4. mikeosbornphoto

    Yes, I agree. If it's too long then it should probably be part of the body text. Good to learn about clickable links - I was unaware of that. Thanks!

  5. The fix seems to have sorted it out! Thanks Jennifer.

  6. I have updated to the most recent version of wordpress. However, I am not given the option of the "cool mosaic" as a default in Settings > Media.

    I am attempting to set up a gallery page with either a slideshow or "square" type gallery but because I don't even have the option of "cool mosaic" in my media settings, I cannot attempt to alter the code / text of the page.

    Do you know why this is?

  7. I have updated to the most recent version of wordpress.

    which means you are posting in the wrong forum. This is the support forum for sites hosted by Please read this for better clarity

    For help with your self-hosted site using the standalone WordPress software, please head over to

  8. IMHO this is definitely a bug, but I have not heard back from the developers of the tiled gallery plugin yet, I'll post back here when we find a resolution to this.

  9. I can't get anything but the default gallery settings to work. None of the new tiling features will display. (Circle, mosaic etc)
    I can't find out yet if this is a WordPress issue, a conflict with my theme, or what it is...

    Glad I found this thread though ❤

  10. @bcr8tive - Did you follow these instructions for inserting your Gallery?

    And are you referring to the site linked to your username (which looks mostly to be for testing) or a different site?

  11. Hi Jennifer,

    I no sooner posted that I noticed i was posting to the .com forum and not the .org - so I'm not sure if the same methods apply for a self hosted site?

    I see the settings for the carousel - in Settings/Image Gallery Carousel - though I DO NOT see an "Enable Carousel" there -

    AND I do see all of the selections when I insert a gallery - but only the normal default gallery displays...

  12. maggielooacademy


    I'm having trouble with the gallery. Currently I'm using Oxygen Theme. The first image of the gallery is larger compare to the others, is there any way I can standardize all the image to 1 size?

    I been looking for an answer for awhile now, and i don't seem to find it or understand.

    I have enable carousel and tiled galleries. Please advice.

    Here's the blog

    Thanks !!

  13. @bcr8tive - you'll need to post over at the .org forums, I'm afraid (but to make life easier, you need to install the jetplug plugin to get the Gallery/Photo Carousel functionality that we have built in here on .com ) Best wishes.

    @maggielooacademy - You have 10 images in your Gallery and so the Square Tiles gallery setting is making one of the images larger to fill the entire content container space. Best to upload multiples of 3, or switch to the default thumbnail grid gallery. See here:

    If you don't like the way the default thumbnail grid displays portrait and landscape images, then better still to edit and crop your images to be square from the start and then upload them and again insert using the default thumbnail grid Gallery.

  14. Hi Jennifer and thank you I did that last night after I realized i posted in the wrong place :(

    I also do have Jetpack and someone there was suggesting disabling it - which I did and that didn't work either (it just disabled all of my other work)

    I compared the .com here and my self hosted - settings - and noticed that the "enable" is missing on my self hosted - but it displays in the settings on the .com - all of the other settings display that 'appear' to be choices when you create a gallery but that setting in settings/media isn't there ...

    Thanks for your kind help - hopefully I'll find someone equally knowledgable and helpful over ☞

  15. Hi,

    My new galleries look fine in Chrome and Safari but won't scale images correctly in Internet Explorer 8:


    1. In IE8:
    2. In Chrome:

    Site: (resolves to

    Theme: Contempt (with custom CSS: wider area, frames on single images etc)

    Is this a known issue? If so, can I expect a solution or is IE8 no longer supported?

    Best regards,

  16. gullmars - if you still need help with your issue, could you please start a new thread to describe your issue in detail, and add the word modlook in the Tags section in the right column so Staff will respond. Thanks!

  17. Aight, thanks! New thread started!

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