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New Gallery formats aren't working as expected.

  1. rectangular gallery displays only 4 of 7 images. Square displays all 7, but first image is larger than the rest.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. same problem here. my theme is nishita, my blog is

  3. Please provide links to specific posts where this problem is happening.
    Start with http:// so the links are clickable.
    If this is a bug, then staff needs to see them in order to determine how to fix it.

  4. The new "type" parameter, especially square and circle" work best in multiples of 3, otherwise the "leftover" thumbnails are sized to fill the entire width of the content posting area. This is how it works.

  5. Here is the code:
    [gallery type="rectangular" ids="497,498,499,500,501,502,503"]

    and here is the link to the blog post:

  6. Do all the images show up if you default back to the thumbnail grid style?

    Do you have the mosaic set as default in your Dashboard>Settings>Media? If so, you needn't add type="rectangular" to your Gallery shortcode.

  7. All images show up in the default thumbnail style and in the square style. It is only in "rectangular" that only 4 of the 7 show.

    I've tried it both ways: setting mosaic as the default and no special shortcode and not having it as a fault and using the special short code. I've also tried doing both!

  8. All the images are visible in the Photo Carousel, so I'm stumped!

    I've tagged this for Staff assistance; please be patient while they get back to you.

  9. @holzfeder since you are having the same problem with Nishita, please give us a direct link to the post where this is happening, starting with http:// to make it clickable.

  10. Thank you, justjennifer

  11. You're welcome

    I can confirm that in Nishita using Gallery types with a sidebar breaks the Gallery types (all!).

    Screenshot - Nishita full width (Note that even here the rectangular "mosaic" does not behave like in other themes.)

    Screenshot - Nishita with sidebar

  12. I cannot give you a link because I tried a square gallery with 4 pictures but I wont publish it , it looks terrible.

    After Justjennifers message telling that it only works with multiples of 3 I made the gallery with just 3 of the pictures (which also does not look much better: 2 on the top, 1 down, not really a nice mosaic): (the gallery is at the bottom)

  13. I have also tested this, and you are correct: this is not functioning as intended.

    I've alerted the internal team, and I will report back.

    Thank you for bringing our attention to this!

  14. @zandyring- again, thanks. Please let them know that most every responsive/flexible width theme is involved, not just Nishita. There have been a number of forum threads on this.

  15. Thanks @justjennifer - I did talk to the team and there is some awareness on this, so the wheels are in motion.

    In the meantime, I recommend using a different gallery display option until a new fix is deployed.

  16. cookingacrosstheglobe

    I am having a similar problem with the same code:
    [gallery type="rectangular" ids="2848,2849,2850,2851,2852,2853,2854,2855,2856,2857,2858,2859,2860,2861,2862,2863"]
    The problem that I have is that the pictures will be displayed when Internet Explorer is used but not with google chrome.
    Also when Internet Explorer is used the first picture is stretched out and deformed.

  17. Thank you for the report on that, Cookingacrossthe globe. Our recommended browsers are Firefox and Chrome, so it's interesting to know that you're seeing an issue with Chrome. What version are you using?

  18. We are currently looking into a solution for this issue. We'll post back once it's deployed. Thanks for the report!

  19. Hello,

    We pushed out a fix for this a little while ago. If you are following this thread and have experienced an issues with tiled galleries. Please check out the problem posts again. If you still notice a display issue, please post a link here with the browser you are using to view it.

    I've check all of the links provided in this post and they are looking great to me.

  20. @cookingacrosstheglobe, Your problem sounds similar to the one here. I did just encounter the problem you mention in Chrome23, but then the pictures suddenly appeared without needing to refresh.

    I'm thinking that this may be due to the size of the original image you are uploading, rather than the problem I linked to above. Your images are 3648x2746 pixel dimension. These images are being dynamically resized to their display size on your site (considerably smaller pixel-wise) and there is every reason to resize your images in an image editing program before uploading, including preserving image clarity, shortening image loading time and maximizing your 3GB of free storage space.

    @michaelfields- Thanks! Nishita is looking good (fixed width with sidebar) as well as Yoko (responsive width). No dropped images and all "type" Galleries resize well to a resized browser window in a responsive width theme. I'll continue checking other themes as time allows.

  21. @justjennifer - Glad to hear it! Thanks for testing on your sites :)

  22. @michaelfields- I don't know why but Able continues to be troublesome.

    At full width, without a sidebar, in this post, published after the new Media Manager was implemented, the tiled mosaic works completely fine and then in this post, published before the new Media Manager was implemented and where all three Gallery types are used in a single post, the tiled mosaic (rectangular) behaves exactly like my above screenshot for Nishita. The Gallery thumbnails appear in a single line across the width of the content area, rather than being a tiled mosaic. Resizing the browser window (in this case FF 17.0.1) does not change anything, however, adding a sidebar does make the tiled mosaic appear.

    If need be, I'll leave Able up on my Gallery demo site through the weekend, though I may be swapping out other themes from time to time.

  23. @justjennifer Thanks for the report, I'll see what I can figure out about this.

    On another note, if you want to display a shortcode as text on your site you can use a little trick. Add and extra square bracket to each end like this:

    [[gallery type="rectangular"]]

    and it will display like this:

    [gallery type="rectangular"]

    instead of being rendered as a shortcode.

  24. @michaelfields- Thanks and thanks for the tip! Appreciated.

  25. @justjennifer Regarding the gallery you reported, I was able to reproduce this and reported it to our developers. It's a crazy bug that will only happen if the content area is larger than 1000 pixels and your gallery has 5 images and 3 of them are vertical and two are horizontal.

    Someone will report back when we find a resolution to this.

  26. Hi,
    I have been facing a similar issue with the rectangular mosaic gallery ever since I started using the new uploader. Tried removing larger images from a draft I am working on and the problem seems to persist.

    Here is the link to a previous post where I gave up and posted a default gallery.

    Is there some way we can opt for the old uploader? It worked just fine!

  27. No, but do please try the tiled mosaic again after the fix applied recently. When you edit the Gallery, select "Tiles" for the mosaic.

    If you default back to the thumbnail grid gallery, then there won't be anything for Staff to troubleshoot. :)

    Also, do make sure you are using an up-to-date web browser, preferably Firefox or Chrome.

  28. mikeosbornphoto

    Hi there,
    I've given the tiled gallery a go for the first time and find the top shot is vast with 10 images:

    Removing one of them or adding a couple more would ruin the concept of this post, so it's a case of living with the big 'number one'.

    I find the tiles are generally far too large and can't figure out a way of resizing them, so for now my default is the old style.

    It would be great to use the mosaic more often, so I look forward to hearing about any fixes.

    With best wishes,

  29. You cannot resize the images in the tiled Gallery types, as together they are designed to fill the entire width of the post content area. It looks to me like you are using the "square tiles" (i.e. square) type for your post. I've found it's best in multiples of 3. Otherwise, you could try the "Tiles" (i.e. rectangle) and see if you like that better.

    Also, if you are using the default thumbnail grid, you can modify the Gallery shortcode in the Post Editor's Text tab to change the size of the image being displayed in the Gallery. You can read more about that here:

    Even more here:

    and there are demos here:

  30. mikeosbornphoto

    Hi Jennifer,
    Many thanks for your answer. I tried a tiled gallery with a set of images divisible by three, and it's certainly more uniform.

    Ah, I didn't realise the default gallery sizes could be altered. I'll certainly have a play with that.

    On a similar vein, I put together a gallery from the Media Library - some of the images are already featured in another gallery. Any captions that I had duplicated. I imagine the only way around this is to upload the images to library again so they are attached to a fresh post.

    Many thanks for your guidance, it's much appreciated.

    With best wishes,

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