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    This new gallery upload system is a shocker! There was nothing wrong with the old upload system and worked fine so why change it? I now have to spend hours trolling through information trying to work out why my images wont upload and how I set it up to the way my display was! According to their instructions, I now have to individually select each image I want uploaded. That’ll be fun for 100 images! Thanks WordPress~!~! Please, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!! Please change it back to the old system..PLEASE!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry for your frustration, but the new system is here to stay.

    According to their instructions, I now have to individually select each image I want uploaded.

    You select your upload images exactly as you did before.

    When you open the “Add Media” window, click on the link on the left sidebar “Create a New Gallery”. You can then select whether to upload images or create a Gallery from existing photos in the Media Library. If you have multiple images to upload, select them all and either drag and drop them into the upload window or select them using the file browser.

    Once they are uploaded click the “Create Gallery” button, adjust your Gallery settings in the right sidebar of the Image Uploader and then click “Insert Gallery”. See here:

    And you can read more about using the Gallery here:



    I can do that but then I get the following message:
    A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?
    I never used to get this message until this new upload system.



    What version of IE are you running? works best with up-to-date browsers. IE8 and lower are no longer supported, not just on, but many other places on the web as well. If you need to update, you can do so at



    We’re on Internet Explorer 8. I guess I have to upgrade now.
    Thanks for your help


    I wish you could search by month like you used to be able to. Great you can create galleries now, but I have over 2 years of photos on my blog, it takes a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, time to go back to put up previous photos. It took me so long just to go back a couple of months.


    It is a shame however that WP don’t appreviate the concept of “backward compatibility”. I’m not just talking about the uploader, but also how a gallery is defined.

    With the old-style galleries, it was sufficient to specify [gallery] in your post. This meant that all pictures uploaded to your post were displayed in the gallery.

    With the new-style gallery this is still true…. until you use the gallery uploader and then the gallery only contains pictures that were in the post initially and those which have been uploaded with the “gallery” uploader (i.e. by clicking on the gallery representation).

    Pictures uploaded to a post via the “Media Upload” button are NOT added to the gallery (when previously they were).



    @outoffocus- you’re very welcome

    @leannewhatever-Entirely agree. Search by month was a very useful feature, if you can remember when you uploaded your images. :) I certainly would like to see it readded to the dropdown menu in the Media Uploader, along with the previous Gallery sort orders. Not holding by breath, though, just crossing my fingers.

    @knashermacC2009- Upload the photos to the post/page where you’re going to insert them like you used to! After everything is uploaded, just close the Add Media/Media Uploader by hitting the big X in the upper right corner of the Media Uploader. Head over to the Text tab of the Post Editor and play with the shortcode to your heart’s content. If that doesn’t work for you, please post back here.


    @justjennifer – oh yes – I know how to fix it thanks, but I have a lot of posts with galleries that all my users upload photos to. I provide a button that does it for them. That still works provided no-one has used the new method because the 2 methods are not compatible. (There would be uproar at work if I provided new versions of s/w that were not backwardly compatible.)



    @@knashermacC2009 – Ah, thanks for the memory giggle. We’re talking about this, yes?

    I’m curious now why it doesn’t work with the new arrangement. Can’t test it right now, but will certainly do so when I can.



    giggle = jiggle :)


    @justjennifer – Yes – thats the one. As far as I can see the reason the new arrangement doesn’t work is because the new gallery uploader explicitly specifies the pictures in the gallery (by means of ids=”12345″, “67890” etc.)

    With the “old” galleries the implicitly included all pictures uploaded to the post. One could explictly exclude pictures.

    The 2 systems are clearly not compatible, because once you’ve used the gallery uploader, you cannot simply upload pictures to the post. You HAVE to use the gallery uploader.



    @knashermac2009 – I just tried a test upload page following the instructions in your earlier forum post and all images uploaded to the page via the upload link appeared on the page, so it seems this worked quite well. :) I will try again with a different account with a different user role just to make sure.



    /(sigh) eating her own words.

    As an Author I could not get to the upload page. Only as an Editor or Admin.



    Thanks for your efforts Jennifer, it’s much appreciated. It seems to be working ok ATM as I am using Google Chrome. I will eventually have to make the leap to Explorer 8 or newer but in the meantime, I’ll stick with XP and Chrome for as long as I can.
    Again, thanks for your help and have a great 2013.

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