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    Hi, I am having trouble geotagging my posts to a certain road. I used to be able to do this but now the most specific I can be is within a city of 750,000 people. For a hyperlocal blog like mine, this isn’t very useful. How do I make the geotag more specific? I’d like to be able to insert roads or postcodes.

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ve posted about this a couple of times but sadly had no advice. The old map used to be great for tagging posts to a very specific place, either within in a large city, or in a rural area. The new system of just naming a city (especially as not all cities seem to be on WordPress’s database) is very unhelpful.

    I hope someone can help!



    Why did the geotagging system change, the old one was fine for me? The new one is totally unusable, I cannot tag my posts anymore as almost none of the small towns nearby are in the database – and actually I don’t want to tag to a town, but to a a place somewhere in nature around a town! At least it should allow to post the geographical coordinates, then it is not dependent on any address to location conversion, and this conversion could be done by the user.


    I see that the support entry on geo tagging now reports that “in the future, you’ll be able to browse posts local to any location right inside the Reader.” So clearly WP is planning some new feature.

    But it would be really helpful to know now whether the map is gone for good, and if there are plans to produce a system that allows a more nuanced tag than say Sheffield or New York.



    Hi everyone,

    We switched the geotagging feature from a user-level option (that was a fixed location) to the post editor, which gives users a lot more control over how the geotagging works. In the process, the automatic location detector defaulted to a city location.

    I let the developers who created the geotagging feature know about your comments, and they are going to discuss the possibility of making geotagging more specific. There could be reasons this isn’t doable, so I don’t want to promise anything, but I wanted to let you know that we are definitely considering it as an option. When I get more information I’ll post here and let you know.



    Update: at this time we are unable to provide more detailed geotagging options. We find that the per-post option (with city-level geotagging) is the best fit for the majority of our users.

    If you feel strongly that more precise locations should be added back into our functionality, I’d encourage you to post over in the Ideas forum with reasons why it’s helpful to you.


    jackiedana, thanks for investigating this.

    None of us here were arguing against a per-post option, just that we want to be more location-specific when geotagging.

    I don’t understand how losing the map gives users “a lot more control” – it seems to give me much LESS control. What extra control have I gained from the change?

    I’m also surprised that the developers are confident that city-level tagging is the best fit for most users. How do they know that? The only comments in the forum suggest people want to be able to indicate more detailed locations.

    I suspect very few people currently use geotagging as the results are not human readable. As and when they become so, or the “browse by location” option comes online in the Reader, I suspect you will be inundated with people wanting to pinpoint particular sites. Otherwise how will browse by location be different from searching for all posts tagged Paris for instance?

    I will do as you suggest and post in the ideas forum but would welcome answers here to my questions above.




    We very much appreciate your feedback, but the developers have to weigh many different things when they add or modify features, including how the user interface works. We do want to make things better for everyone, though it can sometimes be a balancing act. In this case, the team involved in this decided the best way to move forward with this was to allow city-level tagging options. Again, if you can make a good case for more specificity, I encourage you to do so in the ideas forum, and if there’s enough support for it, the functionality could be revisited. For now, however, there are no immediate plans to change this feature again.

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