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  1. serenaphillipsdepaul

    Im new to blogging. Here it is. Like every other teenage girl i live in a swarm of drama, yet there seems to be no outlet to talk to a 3rd party about what is going on. I NEED to vent without being discovered by my foes, or my friends for that matter. That being said my identity will stay a secret and all names changed. You can simply call me S. My drama may seem trivial, but i live in a world of love, lust, foul play, money,and backstabbing, and with all that drama piling up there is bound to be one or more people interested in my life. In the style of the Gossip Girl books i will introduce readers to the characters in my life and their significance, as well as keeping you posted as to what newly bitchy thing they are up to now. So if u like what u read u should check out my blog.

  2. you can plug your blog in this off-topic sticky thread:

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