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New Graduate, Down $40,000+, No Job = The Norm?

  1. Are you one of the 19.8% of unemployed "Under 25"ers? I think we need to start a revolution...

    Read my blog about life after graduation...holding an expensive & pointless piece of paper (formally referred to as a diploma) and more...

    Comment, subscribe...most importantly, tell me what you think.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What country are you from?
    Id your blog one American stuff?

  3. Yes, I'm from America. Our job market is in BAD shape right now.

  4. I liked you're blog, humorous. Keep it up... Looked like a fun night

  5. 1personofdifference

    Geesh if all you are down is 40k you should consider yourself lucky.
    I went into debt almost 20k just for community college because I was unemployed, and I needed financial aid to live off of, that and work study funds.

    I got an internship that turned into a decent job as a Network/Systems Administrator but the pay was never going to go up much even when they hired me full time.
    I accepted a position in Anchorage, AK and moved up from Washington State.
    I spent almost 40k to move to Anchorage and then six months after they hired me they laid me off because they felt they made a mistake in hiring someone with 3 years experience instead of 10. (After 2 months of phone interviews to understand my skill level) I had to drop everything and pack and be up there 2500 miles away in 2 weeks.

    After losing my job, I had to move back to Washington State and spend another 7k just to get back home with my family. 7 days with 3 people up to Alaska in a Uhaul and 7 days back in just under a year. NOT FUN!

    Well I'm still unemployed after almost two years. I've decided to go to DeVry and get a BS in Technical Management and then an MBA specializing in Project Management.
    DeVry by far is not the most expensive University in the world but it's not cheap either. By the time I get done with my BS, and my MBA including what I spent at the community college level I'll probably be 80-100k in debt. Not including the other debts I racked up since losing my job Dec 19, 2008. Also not including the debt I wracked up spending 11 days in intensive care with H1N1 and Double Pneumonia this fall. I don't have a clue if I'm gonna come out of either of my degrees with a job in this economy or not. is my blog

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