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New guy

  1. gadgetnational

    Hi i have just joined wordpress and would like to know some tips for my website. Also should i purchase a domain from wordpress

    The blog I need help with is

  2. you can search all over, online for tips for your blog from design and functionality tips or promotion and social networking tips. And I have no advice on whether you should buy a domain or not. Do what makes you feel goooood. :)

  3. retrogunslinger

    Everything depends, really. aw1923's advice is important to go by, but I will address purchasing a domain.

    Firstly, I'd suggest thinking about what your site is to be about. If it's a regular old blog about day to day activities, then stick with the freebie. If it's more marketable, such as a philosophy/lifestyle blog or entertainment blog, or something with a particular niche market, I would definitely suggest buying a domain and adding Google Adsense to gain revenue to pay for the site and maybe get a little extra for yourself.

    If you do decide to buy a domain, I suggest DreamHost if you're really serious or if you just want a cheap hosting service. It's all relative. Just go out and read up on other experiences and advice, and decide for yourself.

  4. Just to make a quick note about the above statement Adsense is not allowed here @

  5. retrogunslinger

    My bad, I assumed he'd be using WordPress on another server.

  6. gadgetnational

    Thanks guys

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