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New Guy On the Block

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am a new blogger with lots of things to explore and learn. I would be if you coud help me to improve my blog by comments and compliments...please feel free to discusss regarding,theme to widget to blog written,,,,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well hello there..I like the blog, but mostly because it has so much of cricket and I'm incorrigible cricket-loving-Indian too. (That World-cup trophy still brings smile doesn't it?)
    Otherwise, the blog has little of 'your' thought..I seems more like news flash. Work on your independent voice..Happy blogging..cheers!

  3. Hi Sayali,

    Thanks for your wonderful advises.I will definitly take care of them.

    Your Blog is memerizing.

    I sure,I wll soon be addicted to it..

    Thns :) !!

  4. Interesting blog! I love learning about topics I'm not all that up on and cricket certainly qualifies!

  5. Hi Balladeer,
    I am glad that u liked my blog...I would appreciate if u help me improve my blog with comments and compliments !!!

  6. Since it is a sports related blog, I think it would help is you constantly updated it (you know the scores and the lot) and maybe a bit of your own introspective in the proceedings might help.

  7. hey Sami116,
    Thanks for ur wonderful advise...I wll definitly take care of that...

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