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New Header image=Shadows?

  1. I uploaded a new header image and it looks great except that there is blurriness around the image. I originally uploaded a png file but didn't want a white background. So I made a jpeg image with the same color of original background and that's how it turned out. Any ideas for this brand-new blogger?

  2. How about we star with a link to your blog? And please link your user name to it. Go into your dashboard -> users -> your profile -> then scroll down to 'contact info'. In the spot where it says 'website' fill in the address of your blog and save the changes.
    Now... when you comment here and on other blogs, your name will link to your blog. If you do this before you post your request for help, it will allow forum volunteers to be able to help you quicker since they won't have to ask you for a link and wait until you come back to post one.

  3. Thank you. Hope it worked. Now, can someone help me? I'm wondering if it's possible that it's just my monitor. Yet, when I made the image I added a drop shadow around the image but I really don't think that is the reason.
    I checked using both Firefox and IE and it looks the same--blurred edges.

  4. Yes, that works. No, it's not your monitor. The image looks strange. I think the png should have given you a cleaner image than the jpg. Have you tried it without the drop shadows?

  5. I haven't tried it without the drop shadow yet, I wanted to see what the responses were. I will try it again as a png. I really don't think the drop shadow is really the problem. Thank you. I will post back when I try the png.

  6. Well, I use a png image in my header with drop shadows and it doesn't give that ghost effect that I see in your image. Perhaps it is not being saved at a high enough resolution.

  7. Ok. I changed it to a png file and it looks perfect!! Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!
    By the way, how do I get email notification when someone answers my post? I've had to keep checking the site for the post to see if there was an answer.

  8. Glad it worked! There is no email notification for the forums.

  9. Ok. Thank you, Vivian.

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