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    Hi I’m really new to word press and I’m hoping someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong. I want to make a simple webpage with a couple of pages and a blog. I picked a theme that supports custom menus, made two pages and carefully(I think) followed the directions to make a custom menu. When I go to my page the Header and the theme are visible, but there is no content, it says “Nothing Found”. The pages I made and the custom menu are not visible. Please help me figure this out. I’m usually reasonably good at this kind of stuff, but I’m stuck! Thanks so much.

    The blog I need help with is


    The “nothing found” is because you have deleted the hello world post and wordpress can’t find anything to display. Create and publish a post and that will go away and your post will show on the main page.

    On the custom menu, go back to that page and in the “theme location” module at the upper left select the menu you created from the pulldown and then click “save.”



    Hi There!

    The current theme you’re using doesn’t support the top navigation menu bar instead you will need to use the custom menu widget found in the widget section of your control panel via your left navigation menu in your sites dashboard…

    You can find your widgets by navigating to Appearance → Widgets on your left navigation bar
    I also recommend the following support documents
    Custom Menus →
    Custom Menu Widget →
    Pages →
    Post vs. Page →


    Oops, I didn’t know it did not support top navigation.

    Thanks for catching that @sl1k.



    You’re welcome! tsp, = )


    Dusk to Dawn does support a top custom menu, so TSP’s reply is correct.


    Now I’m confused.

    I should probably go to bed.



    I’m using Dusk to Dawn and it doesn’t support regular top navigation, but I presume from Panos’s comment is supports custom menu top navigation.


    To add to the confusion: the custom top menu is in the sidebar!



    So it’s top navigation; on the side. Ooookay.


    Is that like Ranch Dressing on the side?



    You folks are taking “Dusk to Dawn” a little too literally!


    Thanks for the help. I’m getting the hang of this now. So great that you all shared your time to assist me. Much appreciated!

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