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    Kewl … what I like is sometimes WordPress is just like a celebration, where you didn’t know you were getting a present, yet when you open up the ‘write’ page … presto … something new you get to unwrap, that you didn’t even know you were getting. The new image uploader appears to work much better than the old one.



    I’m certainly in agreement with you there. I just used it and it did work better. It was also more intuitive in regards to layout so I’m assuming there will be fewer posts on the support forum requiring walk throughs for choosing thumbnails or originals. Cheers for the beloved geeks!



    I’ll chime in with my agreement here. The image browser design is vastly improved.



    Hi Forum,or somebody helpfull.
    I cannot get the new uplaoadr to function. I upload the photo, I can see it in the uploader area, but it will not “send to editor”,and my computer says: “troubles with this website, it cannot be shown correctly,” and ;”line 150,1, undefined error, code 0, url: https://mariyarn.wordpress/wp-admin/post-new.php
    Can anybody help ? My most humble thanks, I´ve been copying and pasting, and it doesn´t look good at all. LOL.




    We’re working hard on some updates right now. Everything should be working even better than it is now soon.

    In the meantime, could you please tell us what browser you’re using?



    Now that’s what we call organized wordpress. I could now quickly delete/upload images without opening a post just to get the image link. Also, do we have a limited bandwith usage on all the uploads? Might as well put like a “meter bar” to see how many more we can upload.



    Our upload maximum was increased just a short time ago to 5o megs
    I’m not in danger of coming even close to that but perhaps some bloggers are and maybe they need an indicator telling them how much space they have used. As I’m not a techie I’m wondering if someone who is could provide an indication of how difficult this type of an indicator would be to provide.



    hello mdawaffe,
    I´m using Microsoft internet explorer 6.0.
    I still can´t get my photos too the editor.



    Is anyone else having problems with thumbnails in the image browser not showing up?

    Firefox on the PC, works fine in IE. I’ve already sent a feedback and they’re unable to replicate the bug. I’ve tried deleting cookies, disabling themes and extensions, turning off my anti-virus software, but they still refuse to display. Everything was working perfectly before the code change. It’s very, very weird.



    mariyarn, wank:

    We just fixed several bugs with the uploader. I believe both of your issues are now solved (though, as wank noted, I wasn’t able to replicate everything…).

    If there are still problems, please let us know!



    Also noticed tonight when adding an entry to my blog that the send to editor button is missing.



    Press CTRL and F5 to force a refresh.

    It is there :)


    ARRGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!! I’m a Mac user and this new thingy doesn’t work for me at ALL. I’m using Mozilla 1.7.13. It doesn’t work in Firefox, Safari, or Explorer either. The little buttons below the photo are hidden and I can’t access them. If I go to edit and hit insert, nothing happens. Can someone help me? I KNEW how the old way worked and I could use it. I can’t use this new way at all.




    I’m working on fixing this now. In the meantime, does making your browser window wider (if you can) help?


    Nope, making the window wider doesn’t help. I did discover that i can use the down arrow key to make things scroll up where I can see them. That works, although it’s awkward. My son, with a newer version of OSx isn’t having any trouble on his brand new laptop, so I suspect it’s a combination of an older OS and the Mac platform. Thanks for trying.



    Thanks Podz. It is now working fine. Took about 4 refreshes before it appeared!

    Just for reference is this a problem with internet explorer that causes that?




    Hi, can you please help. Since the new image uploader I have not been able to send any of my stored or new images to a posting without them looking too small as a thumbnail and if I try to resize it goes blurry. If I send the image in orginal size I have to spend time resizing it. I didn’t have to do this before, should this be happening?
    Thanks in advance for any replies



    Hi, mariyarn here.
    I still cannot get my photos from the uploader to my post.
    I do not know what to do, other than change to another blogsupplyer. (Althought I really, really like it here, sigh)Thanks.Any suggestions on what to try?
    (The problem has been there for awhile, but before the new change, I could manually drag the photo, and enlarge it in the post space.



    Hello. I have a question regard the image upload thing.. Before they fixed it to the better I could get the image to an own site where al my friends could comment it and then they could click on it and get a larger image. Why can’t I do that anymore? I don’t want to get comments on the site where al my images is, I want to have an own site for each image. Is it not possible to do that anymore?

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