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New Interface is Confusing

  1. It's not pack behavior: it's time you each ignore the other!

    The new layout obliges me to write and finish my draft off-line, because the "save" button is hidden in the "publish" drop-down menu which covers up my toolbar,
    I don't understand how the publish menu is covering a toolbar? In both Safari and Firefox, it's on the right, level with the post title. When the Publish Module is open, "Save" and "Preview" are easily accessible right on top. I'm wondering if this is an issue with Explorer?

    There have been problems with Windows Live Writer, and some of the Mac versions of off-line software. Posters should contact the support related to the authors/companies of that software.

  2. 1tess, thanks for addressing people's concerns.

  3. quote: @Gracey: Isn't that a bit unfair? You're judging 2.7 with Live Writer being your sole criterion? (Unfortunately I can't try finding out what's wrong with WLW, as I'm on a Mac, but maybe it is that WLW hasn't been updated yet. It's not WP's job to make its new version compatible with assisting applications: it's the other way round.)

    I suppose it might be a little unfair - I don't like things that mess up other apps tho, and in this case it's apparently the update to 2.7 that messed up my journal writer. WLW still works with everything else, and I suppose it may be their job (the developers) to update the journal writer. Regardless of that, my blog is done in spare time, which I don't have a lot of. <shrug> I guess I'll just give away less photos until I get myself sorted out a little better.

    I have (previously) looked at other journal writers, and this one just happened to be the one I could get working with my various sites - some of the others wouldn't. It's possible by now there's something better out there that will work.

  4. @diamondfistwerny: Go check "projection" in a psychology dictionary.

    @Tess: I will gladly ignore him, provided he quits imagining things and making false accusations.

    @Gracey: As I told you, I can't check the WLR problem myself, as I'm not a PC user. Among experienced forum volunteers, Vivianpaige has been using it and praising it in this forum. If she doesn't notice your post, I'll bring it to her attention.

  5. hmmmm, I thought we were gonna ignore each other panag. And I'm not projecting. I was referring to this thread when it appeared as though there was attacking going on. If you should ever desire to visit my blog, you'd find my email at the very bottom of my sidebar. Perhaps a private conversation would be better than always trying to come across as if you've got to have the last word.

  6. BTW, I stated yesterday that this needed to stop that you were working on my last nerve. I would've emailed ya don't have a link to your blog :)

  7. But, children, you should never let
    Such angry passions rise;
    Your little hands were never made
    To tear each other's eyes.
    - Isaac Watts,
    Divine Songs for Children--Against Quarreling and Fighting

  8. lettershometoyou

    Let's come back to this thread in a couple of weeks. By then we'll all have had a chance to work with the new layout a little more and things will seem so much easier.

    There have been improvements, but it's not all going to fall into place from day one. That's an unrealistic expectation.

  9. 1Tess, I offered my email. I stated that I'd like to contact but doesn't have a link. Not sure what to think of your little adages sprinkled here and there?

  10. I think the new interface is wonderful. It is a step forward. The design is aesthetically pleasing. And it just makes it easier to find things.

    Great work wordpress.

    If you have problem with the design, I am willing to offer help if needed. I understand the system pretty well. And other people may know about it better too..

  11. Would be hard to contact ya dreamhungry, since ya didn't provide a link :)

  12. Playing the mother role with words more eloquent than my own.
    There seems no reason that you dislike panaghiotisadam so much. And vice versa.

    panaghiotisadam has a private blog (in Greek), has never asked for help in the forum, and has offered excellent advice here in the forum. There is no point in you making contact. There is no point in confrontations.

    A quarrel is quickly settled when deserted by one party: there is no battle unless there be two.
    [Lat., Cadit statim simultas, ab altera parte deserta; nisi pariter, non pugnant.]
    - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca), De Ira
    (II, 34)

    or in simple words:
    cut it out

  13. Just curious as to how you decided whether there's a point to make contact. I believe there is as this is lingering on. In case ya didn't notice, I've been ignoring, till he brought me up again. And as far as the mother role with words. Very gracious of ya, but I, for one, don't need a mommy????

  14. #graceystinson - I haven't used WLW since the upgrade (haven't been blogging much) but my suggestion is that you contact support here at wordpress.COM as well as support for WLW, if you haven't done so already. (I had a problem in the past which required cooperation between the two in order to fix.)

  15. To panaghiotisadam:

    Well, I was so proud of having found the term "drop down menu" and now you tell me it is wrong......

    When I open a new post or an old one to write or to edit, to the top right of the post there is a white rectangle containing the many publishing options and the "save" button. In order to start writing I must close this rectangle and it becomes a small rectangle that only says "Publish".

    Now, when I want to save what I wrote, I look all over but there is no saving button! Remember it is hidden behind "Publish". So I click on the "Publish" button, find the "Save" button, and wait for it to do its "saving" dance which for some reason has been taking very long these last weeks. When it has finished saving, I must close the publish button to get access to the tool bar of the post to be able to continue writing.

    Maybe the secret is to simply trust WordPress to do the "automatic saving"?

  16. @cantueso: Sorry for the "proud" issue! Technically the Publish menu is collapsible, not drop-down, but now I understand what you meant. What I don't understand is this:

    "In order to start writing I must close this rectangle".


  17. i liked the prior version a lot better as it was much cleaner. the new boxes cover up half of the screen when i am trying to post. i have to minimize them, then make then reappear to add tags etc. *sigh*

  18. mjbonfanti
    Did you know that besides collapsing the modules, you can move them around so they are not in your way?

  19. To panaghiotisadam:

    I have to close the rectangle in order to see the WordPress tool bar, because I often need the "unlink" button which is covered up by that rectangle.

    Maybe the new design is for people who have a large computer screen. This would also explain why on my screen the stats cover each other up partly and also why to read here, on this forum, I must all the time shift the page to the right to see the end of the line and back again to see the beginning of the next line.

    However, this only happens to me on WordPress.

  20. I found a way to get around the new interface:

    Write off-line on Word or Open Office. Do all the formatting there. Both programs allow you to convert the final text to HTML. Open up the HTML document. Look up its "source" and copy it.

    Open up WordPress and paste the copied source text on the HTML form. Publish.

    I think it would not work with pictures, but it works fine with everything else, italics, paragraphs, align right, write bold.

  21. @cantueso:

    "Maybe the new design is for people who have a large computer screen".

    I'm afraid you're right.

    "I have to close the rectangle in order to see the WordPress tool bar".

    You could gain some space by minimizing the Navigation bar to a column of images. You could also move the Publish module (and whatever else you have in the right column) below the editor.

  22. Some time ago I got a little freely available program called BlogDesk to write offline. I have just used it to write and upload a post with four pictures. It uploaded instantly and without any problem at all.

  23. It's pretty complicated at first but i got use to it.

  24. To panaghiotisadam:

    Look! There is something new or I did not see it before.
    On the left, beneath the first square where there is a little house, there is a fine line with an arrow to make the sidebar narrow !

  25. I have used WLW since the upgrade and it worked fine for me including with photos.
    Am mostly liking the new interface myself.

  26. @cantueso: Er... obviously you've missed this post of mine (written the day 2.7 was implemented):

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