new kind of widgets… possible?

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    ummm… well I tried but maybe used wrong keywords to search and couldn’t find whether it was posted before. Is it possible to have a “most commented posts” widget similar to popular posts widget… this is part 1

    part 2. is it possible to modify popular posts widget so that we can alter the posts counted not just in the last 48 hours but, let’s say, 5 days. sorry for my english :) hope it was clear enough…



    The “top posts” widget displays the 10 most popular posts in the last 48 hours. You cannot modify it. You can leave this post on the forum where the staff will read it and know that you are requesting to change this. The best place to comment on this widget is actually here on Matt’s original blog post


    it’s possible, although it’s not the most popular request i’ve heard. try sending in feedback through your dashboard, and matt + co will add it to their list of requests.



    cheers… thnxxxx



    You know, though, that this will create a feedback loop and people will begin to comment on those posts to the exclusion of others. This means that the most commented posts will remain static and, barring a miracle, you won’t get a new most commented one after that widget goes up.

    I understand the idea here, and it’s a good one except for that nasty feedback problem. I wish it were otherwise.



    Thanks for raising this important point rain I didn’t have the gumption to state it myself. ;)



    Just to clarify, staff has to add in any new widgets. We as end users do not have access to the files as that’s a security concern. As per teh suggestions made, please send in a feedback from your dashboard and suggest it.

    Hope this helps,

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