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  1. hi, how can i edit or put a new link in my blog..

  2. Do you mean in a blog post, or in your blogroll? For the blogroll, you have to make sure you have the Links widget in your sidebar. You get to that through Dashboard -- > Presentation -- > Sidebar widgets and drag and drop it into the sidebar. Then you can edit it to add links from Dashboard -- > Blogroll -- > add link.

  3. owhh thx for the information..hurmm what i try to say here is the link that will be appear during the layout that others who browse through my page can access to the link and one more what's the different between both blog post or sorry to asked to many things cuz' im kinda new here. Thx for your help

  4. A great way to find information is by searching the forum:

    Also, take a look at the FAQ (which can also be searched):

  5. blogroll is where your links appear at the side of your blog at all times. blog post is when you put a link into the latest post you've written in your blog. you might want to read to learn more about blogging since you're new. =)

  6. arigato gozaimasu...many thanks

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