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New login not reflecting on link

  1. I have to functional blogs and

    Whenver I post a comment on the other person's post of a wordpress blog,after the posting of the comment when I click on my own link(on my comment), the homepage of mypyp appears. I want the other homepage(hirenshah) to appear. I have logged out and logged in with the right name several times but after the comment, the wrong link appears.

    I don't know or why this happens and it is embarassing to put the address of the other blog on the comments space. Multiple blogs have been a bit of a problem with wordpress. My setting was done by the admin in the beginning when I had problems. Please suggest something to rectify the above. Thanks in advance.

  2. Visit Dashboard -> Users -> Your profile and change your website address along the right hand side.

    You may also want to change it here in the forums as well if you want. The accounts are totally seperate. Click the View Your Profile along the top here to change it.

  3. Thanks a lot drmike. I think it should work. Thanks again. You should suggest to the wp authorities that all country centric blogs should be directly accessible. Just a suggestion.

  4. You can do this yourself by going to the top right hand of your dashboard and clicking on feedback and telling them your suggestion.

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