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New Login Screen??

  1. sourceforgenet

    hello everybody did you like the new tiny login space that wordpress has put up now at its homepage well i didn't and think many of you also dislike it, for it is small, squeaky and defies even the compactness. With remember me box after the login button??
    you don't get a chance to untick it first it ain't visible second after the login button, i know many of us just hit the enter after the password fields, well on a public computer, privacy is the thing, well the new thing is ridiculous, it is ultra small and with that watermark username,password in their respective fields, which doesn't fade aay or get out of there untill you write. usually on clicking it should go away

    the wordpress login earlier was one of the smallest on the web,and now i think wordpress is making record of some sorts of having the smallest login form.

    well those small links, better small Important links are now big and placed well where they are much more visible now

  2. sourceforgenet

    the watermark type thing in username password fields fade a little but doesn't go away and fades when you click,

    When you start typing have written the first letter, and yeah it is still there on secong letter does it go away.

    shoddy indeed

  3. I agree with on the 'Remember me' option. That should be UN-ticked by default. And most websites with this option that I know of do leave it unticked.

  4. kellymcdonald5000

    It took me MANY minutes to even FIND the new log-in... And when I did, I then found that I could access the blog I owned, but NOT the blog I was 'invited' to contribute to and be an administrator of.

    WordPress upgrades often seem to trigger something ELSE not to work. Even author information in the sidebar has disappeared on that 2nd blog! I have to ascribe that to changes in WordPress. I've contacted the blog owner and am now waiting...

  5. @kelly, log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again. I think then the other blog will show up.

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