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New Media not saving to Library

  1. New Media are not saving to Library when I create a new post with attachment of media via [redacted]. This has been working fine, then all of a sudden tonight, my posts have no images and there are no additions to my media library. What's up?I have cleared my cookies and history.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you give us the URL of a post where the images have vanished? Is your media library full?

  3. I have been deleting the posts that have no images, but two remain, the most recent.
    The media library is not full. In Media Library, I have removed some of my collection and it currently states: "You are currently using 2.3 GB out of 3.0 GB upload limit (77%)."

  4. I am managing to bulk upload these same images to the media library, but the automatic upload of images when attached to an emailed post sent to [redacted] is what is not working.

  5. Ah, we have had several reports of Post By email problems. It's probably a bug in the system. I will flag this for staff attention.

  6. The post by email issue has been resolved. We are still having some issues with adding media, and developers are looking into that issue. In the meantime, we recommend that you upload media using the Dashboard Add Media option and if drag and drop isn't working, manually find the image file on your hard drive and upload that way.

    However, emotola, the post by email address should be kept safe, much like a password. If someone else has the address, they can post to your blog.

    Even though email addresses should be redacted on the forums, for security reasons I have regenerated your post by email address. You can view the new email address at

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