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    Was looking for detailed understanding of the new option under the new media tab. You can put in a pixel size. Will WordPress automatically resize the picture accordingly or must we still re-size out pics before uploading? Also if we have more than one blog does the size enetered apply to all of those blogs on the account?




    >>>You can put in a pixel size.

    You can?! Where do you see that? I haven’t seen it and just looked too! Here’s a tutorial I did about uploading photos:

    I don’t see that option!



    I went into Write (Post), selected Add Media, chose a picture from my computer, and hit upload…it was flashing “Crunching” while uploading so I’m assuming that means it DOES resize it automatically; but that’s just my deduction.

    I also don’t see an option to put in a pixel size…are you using the free wordpress or did you download the wordpress software?



    Nah, the “Crunching” is a twee way of saying “Uploading.” It does not resize unless you choose Thumbnail or Medium. Full-Size only shows part of the image.

    I usually resize everything to 440-wide on my PC, so this isn’t an issue for me.



    Mikecane – hit setting on the right top of the dashboard and then the Media Tab. That’s the setting I am talking about.



    Ah, I see now. But that’s for thumbnails …

    OK, I just did something stupid, to see what would happen.

    I put in 440 x 320 as the Thumbnail dimensions, then clicked proportional.

    Then went to my media library, picked an image (592 wide original) and chose Thumbnail for the size in the post.

    It did NOT come out as 440×320. It was still the wee Thumbnail size.

    Don’t know what that means, Just saying it didn’t act as I expected.

    Thanks for letting me know about that.



    Oops. I meant I clicked on Crop, that checkbox.

    Just tried again, w/o the checkbox. No, Thumbnails seem to have an upper limit. Don’t know about a lower one. Someone else can try that. I don’t use Thumbnails.

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