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New media services support

  1. I usually use the services from some media sites as, or The problem is that I can't add media from these sites in a blog at Could be possible do something as youtube or googlevideo support for these sites?

    Many thanks in advance

  2. Usually we also suggest sending in a feedback with a suggestion on this.

    I do note though that there is currently no support currently for these on regular WordPress either. (Well, none that I can find with a quick glance on the plugin list.)

  3. Very very bad news... Many thanks for your answer, drmike

  4. Actually I don't even find support for those sites on MT, phpbb or PHPNuke either. Maybe someone should drop those folks an email suggesting that they themselves come up with support like other companies have.

  5. I don't blame on for this issue, drmike. Excuse my ignorance, but I didn't know these sites have a poor support politics. I'm not a CMS or html expert, but I simple user. I only knew that I can use them in my main blog/cms. So i asked for that here. It's a pity.

    Thanks again, mate.

  6. I don't think it's poor support policies, I just think that they don't see a possible market here. I know the YouTube and Google video plugins that we use here were designed because someone saw a need for them. We have someone from SiteMeter who came to this forum when he was told that there was a need to have support for his stuff.

    I just think they need a heads up.

    Now if you want to talk about "poor support policies," I'm currently dealing with a certain cable internet company and their 3.6 million DDoS attacks in the last 48 hours coming out of a pair of computers out of San Antonio, Texas.

    For the fifth time this year.

    Lots of fun. :)

  7. Nice entertainment, man. Good luck!!!

    In other hand, I sent 2 mails to and asking for the wordpress support. has the wordpress API in its to-do list.


  8. Just to carify, those attacks are not against servers. I don't want to flip anyone out here. :)

  9. just to weigh in: i would also like to post media from on my blog.

  10. Then please send in a feedback from your dashboard with this request. Staff has mentioned many times over that they keep track of requests like this. :)

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