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New Media "Upgrade" has Major Flaws: WordPress Support Please

  1. musiqexpo - would you mind please starting a new thread for your particular issue so I can better help? I'll take a look at your site in the meantime.

  2. Is there any chance to give WP users the possibility to choose if they prefer to keep using the old sistem? I can´t believe i'm going to loose all the tooltip titles i wrote for the pics. can´t be so difficult to mantain one of the best things the OLD system had...this upgrade should be an improvement, not a way of losing information users have been working on!!!

  3. Hi, I'm the OP. I now see that the image editor has been altered to add the fallback Title bar into the advanced settings options. When I enter the image title there, it appears as a tool tip. For me, the tool tip is imperative, and paramount to the Alt text. My site is a book catalog site. Users must be able to pan over pages of book thumbnails and see both the title of the book and the author in the tool tip. That was the basis of my complaint--that the image title information that auto-fills from the image file name no longer conveys to the title box for filling the tool tip. I have to now manually enter that information in advanced settings, which adds a great deal of time when you consider that I have hundreds of thumbnails to place, and each one must then be manipulated not only for spacing and linking to the the books description page, but also go back and copy the title and author to insert that information back into the title line. This is the frustration, not whether the image has a description or alt text when selected. I need only the tool tip information for users to see when panning over book thumbnails on a page of hundreds. On a positive note, I did discover that the upgrade allows for the image to be linked to the attachment page and opened in a new window. I like that very much, so well done. Of the two problems I outlined originally, the image opening is solved to my complete satisfaction. As for the extra steps I must now take to manually fill in the tool tip title line in advanced settings, I am truly displeased. It requires me to take time that it didn't take before. Please understand my position: that my issue will not be resolved by admonishing me to read about how alt text or caption text work--that is irrelevant to me. I need tool tip titles, and that's the only thing that matters to me. Thanks for all your input, but that's where I stand.

  4. @ amsbooks
    I'm afraid i haven´t understood (Sorry, English isn´t my nativa language)
    where is the field you have to fill manually to see the tooltip? I can´t see it!

    @wp administrators:
    why if our missed tooltip titles seem to have dissapeared, deleting part of the information we have been working on, i have to see a yellow label saying "permanent link to.." everytime i move mouse over the thumbnails?

  5. I don't think that having to click on each image an additional time is right at all. Just put an extra entry in the main editor, along with comment and alt and whatever that is the tooltip text. I also don't like that it is called "Title" just like the other one is.

    I could care less what HTML tag that results, as long as I can easily find the thing and it has a distinct name no matter where I edit it from. If title is an evil HTML tag, then make another that results in a tooltip.

    I want the original functionality back without too much difficulty.

  6. asmsgbooks -

    my current workaround is to copy the Title text into Alt text. Then after inserting the picture, go into text mode and change alt= to title=.

    That is at least a little easier than the advanced editor settings, since I can cut and paste the title text in one motion.

  7. Hello! I thought I'd stop back in as shifts seem to be rather more stable. Old images, though when opened in the media library show an attachment page with content. However, clicking on them, still makes them very large with no title, description or otherwise, I even tried to go back in and use the edit to attempt to determine if I made some error or needed to be sure I to 'attachment' page, which is now on a drop down menu when putting up new media yay ty! When I add new media from within a blog posting, it accepts my title and holds the data I wish that then shows at the bottom of the attachment page YAY! I have found that I can correct the old images by deleting them from the media library, then opening the old blog post, choosing edit, putting cursor under the old image code, and using the add media button. I am missing some of the original images due to a computer failure here, so, I cannot do this with all of the images. Another thing, some of the attachment pages are coming up as 404 not found. I am unsure why this is.

    Bonus! Thanks Time thief, I can now add a copyright onto my images! And I learned to spell it! I do not know if the issues of which I still noted are glitches or my lack of knowing how to correct them. I've never tried using the advanced things or other newer tools, so I can't speak for those either.

  8. Darn I made an error in how I described it.

    I do NOT any longer need to remove the image from the media library.

    In the blog edit area, I simply add new media and select the same image, and the items that I had in the 'old' system, that show present but do not seem to function, DO. Then I simply delete the code for where the old image was, within the blog. It then has everything the way it was before said 'fixes'!

  9. elisasspot - I'm not quite sure whether you still need any help, but if you do, would you mind starting a new thread and I'll be glad to help you out there. Thanks!

  10. hi again!
    the question is related to the theme above: Once it seems tooltips titles over pics have dissapeared. Is there any way to avoid the impersonal (and a bit irritating, in my circunstances) "Permanente link to..." label over the thumbnails? I mean, if my titles aren´t gonna appear again, can I at least those messages appearing?
    Thanks kathryn and everyone for your help and patience.

  11. catrutgers4art

    Please return to asmsgbooks original (and continuing question) regarding the tooltips!! I've had my blog for two years and my readers have always enjoyed revealing the *titles* of the artwork. I, too, am dismayed that they have been discontinued. And don't understand the workaround (or the explanation for why they're not used anymore). The most recent post is -- where none of the images display titles. Fortunately, they appear to still work at older posts, e.g.,
    Or is that simply a legacy because I've viewed them before?

    The blog has *many* images and I do not want to use captions. Your help will be greatly appreciated!!

  12. catrutgers4art - The tooltip title option is still available in the advanced image editing screen. Simply click the image in your post and enter the tooltip title there.

    Or is that simply a legacy because I've viewed them before?


  13. @catrutgers4art:
    Hi! As you'v noticed in previous comments, I also loved readers to discover tooltip titles in my blog by moving the mouse over pics.
    I'm afraid we've tried. As you can see in previous comments here, and there:

    some of us tried hard to convince WP staff that any upgrade at the plattfrom wouldn´t be an upgrade if that involved some kind of loss in blogger's content. However, they've got technical reasons that I'm not able to understand to delete them, and i'm afraid that's the end of the road: It's their plattform, so it´s them to decide what they want to do.
    About your experience, i can only tell you that pics inserted in posts still show tooltip titles, but they aren´t working if they' ve been choses (most of the case) as main featured images.

  14. itr´s strange what you point, katrhryn..shouldn´t i be able to see tooltips in "old" posts, as i viewed before? Can it be related with using Firefox?
    Em..did u read my question about deleting the fake "permanent link to.." tooltip label?
    thanks again!

  15. catrutgers4art

    Hello, to srhelvetica and Kathryn, and thanks for the responses!
    In order of appearance:
    (1) Does this mean that I would have to go back for every image in the blog and add the title?!??! Oh, dear.
    In any case, I have figured out how to add them, thank you.

    (2) Much appreciate the details and the background on trying to influence the WP process. In my case, I never use a "featured" image, so at least avoid that dilemma.

  16. catrutgers4art -

    (1) Does this mean that I would have to go back for every image in the blog and add the title?!??! Oh, dear.

    If you added them prior to the software update last week, you shouldn't have to go back and re-add them. If you're having trouble with images added before that, would you mind starting a new thread and showing me a few examples so I can take a look? It'll be much easier to help you in a separate thread. Thanks.

  17. srhelvetica -

    itr´s strange what you point, katrhryn..shouldn´t i be able to see tooltips in "old" posts, as i viewed before?

    Could you please provide a link to an old post where your tooltips on non-featured images within a post aren't showing so I can take a look?

    did u read my question about deleting the fake "permanent link to.." tooltip label?

    It would be possible to remove that with CSS if you have the Custom CSS upgrade.

  18. catrutgers4art

    Dear Kathryn at WP, all is well with the previously posted images.
    Thank you!

  19. catrutgers4art - glad to hear it!

  20. thanks for your response, kathryn.. don´t have the upgrade! I'm afraid i will have to get used to these changes...
    About the tooltips, sorry, i'm afraid i didn´t understand you were talking about non-featured images. They are just a few in my blog, but there's no problem with them: my beloved tooltip titles are stil there.

  21. Hello, Kathryn, OP here. I have gotten past the issue of image size in new window by selecting link to the attachment page. My second issue, tool tip titles, works fine when I fill in the title line manually on the advanced settings page of the image editor. The pressing question around the second issue, however, has not been addressed here. Could you please explain why the image name no longer conveys to the title cox that launches the tool tip title? That was my biggest issue with it. To explain, I have spent many, many hours titling images I still have yet to load so the title would display properly in the tool tip. On the old system, uploading the image automatically filled the tool tip title box. That's why I spent all that time naming the images specifically for that purpose. Now, all that work is wasted because the image file titles don't fill the image editor title box that displays in the tool tip. And now I have to spend additional time to copy that title from the source and paste it into the image title box in the advanced settings. That amounts to an enormous amount of time when you apply that process to hundreds of images that it didn't have to be applied to just last week. That's the explanation I'm looking for. Could you please explain why the image name cannot be set to convey to the tool tip title box? Thank you much, and I will keep looking for an answer to that here. Take care.

  22. Sorry, Kathryn, I may have confused you with my log in. I posted the above OP update. I just realized I was signed in to my partner's WordPress account to edit his site. I'm the OP, and left the post asking for an explanation for title conveyance to tool tip title box. Thanks, and I look forward to your post.

  23. The new system is horrible. I don't understand why they had to change it. I just tried to post a new blog entry and of course when I tried to add my images I encountered the new way. It is horrible and I couldn't get it to upload. As I read the previous postings in this thread, I am appalled to think my previous posts with all the images there may have been compromised because of this "better" system. This is seriously disappointing. If I can't load photos to my blog, I will have no choice but to move.

  24. @kathrinjapan

    Agreed, I can't upload any images at all.

    Everytime I go to the Insert Media box on the create post page I get a pop up Insert Media page. I click on upload file and there's a select file button halfway down the page. After clicking the box it takes me to the image/doc files on my laptop. When I select the image and press open an image box appears on the pop up page that is grey with a kind of loading icon inside. On the right it states "UPLOADING". Nothing seems to happen and I've been waiting for the image to upload for over an hour now.

    I've thought about doing just text posts, but it's just not as rewarding for either myself (or the reader I guess).

    I wonder why they started messing with media uploading as it has always worked perfectly well for me in the past?

  25. I just posted this on another thread. Try it:

    I just figured it out. It does take extra steps but you can still load. Compared to the way it was though, it's crappy.

    Go to the leftside menu
    Go to the Media tab
    Highlight Add New
    It should look familiar now.

    I just hope this "update" didn't screw up images in previous posts.

  26. Ok, since the update I have the following problems:

    1) I can´t permanently change the size of a picture directly while editing the post (by just resizing it with the mouse). In editing mode the pictures stay resized, but when I publish or prieview them the pictures only appear in their original size -> and don´t tell me, that now the only possibility is to go to the medialibrary to change the size of the original file!

    2) When I insert a picture it always appears at the top of the post, not where my cursor is blinking. Why?

    I really hope that these are just bugs :(

    Thanks for your help

  27. The new system is horrible. I don't understand why they had to change it.

    some reasons for some changes:

    1. US Federal Laws For Web Accessibility and Images - All images on commercial or government websites are required by law to feature alternative descriptions within their HTML image tag. Alternate text (ALT) attribute is for situations when an image cannot be loaded and also assists visually impaired people who use apps (screen readers) to read ALT attribute, so what’s in a picture is known. In WordPress, this is set in the ALT Text of the Attachment Details.

    2. accessibility for mobile and tablet users

  28. Would anyone who's having specific problems with images please start a new thread? It will be easier to help everyone that way. Thanks for your cooperation!

  29. steffen2011

    2) When I insert a picture it always appears at the top of the post, not where my cursor is blinking. Why?

    This appears to be a problem specific to Firefox 16. If you can, upgrading to Firefox 17 seems to solve the problem. Another workaround is to insert images in Text mode, by clicking the Text tab next to the Visual Editor tab.

    Updates on this issue will be posted here:

  30. geoffreview -

    Agreed, I can't upload any images at all.

    Would you please start a new thread for your issue so I can better help you troubleshoot this problem? Thanks very much.

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