New Media "Upgrade" has Major Flaws: Wordpress Support Please

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    You’re welcome. :)


    I used Titles because they were required, but then I found them useful for search engines when I didn’t use the subject’s name with in the post. So for me, I do believe they are important. Sometimes I just want to slap an image into a post without a lot of words, but yet would like the hover over to display the image name. I would prefer not having to use Captions with every photo.



    Did you read what Ryan (the developer) said above?

    The reasoning behind dropping the title attribute is outlined here:

    Basically, we’re trying to improve accessibility and play nicely with screen readers.

    There is one more fix coming that will improve the alt-caption-title fallback when sending to the editor so that those who invested in title and left caption and alt blank will have their titles show in the alt attribute.



    Could someone explain me that how is that possible that this picture has a title:

    But in the gallery carousel, it doesn’t appear?

    Thank you


    I’m glad to hear that the empty alt attribute issue has been fixed.

    I’m having an issue with the title attribute. I include a hyperlink in all my image titles, so readers have an easy way to get back to the post from any image attachment page. Previously, only the display text was shown in the tooltips that appear when you hover the mouse over a gallery thumbnail. As of yesterday, that is no longer the case, and now readers see all the included html and the href url.

    This issue is affecting not only the post I put up yesterday but all previous posts as well. I tried changing to the new tiled galleries but same issue. Can the previous behavior please be restored?

    A second question, is there an easy way to set the title attribute to the same value for every image? It wasn’t easy with the old uploader, but the new one has made it much more difficult.

    My blog is



    I don’t see the virtue in making the tooltip title take a bunch of extra steps. I don’t care what its HTML tag is, or if you want to separate the meaning of tooltip title and picture title.

    Why not put an extra field in the two editors for Tooltip title? Right now you have one field named title, than doesn’t work, then you have to click a second time and add a second string into a field *also* named title.

    And since the click on the picture and edit puts in the same HTML title tag that the old way used to, I guess the point really is escaping me.



    Hi again!
    I’m afraid my english is not good enough, ’cause I’m not able to put the main pics yet and make the “tooltip title” to appear when moving the mouse over the image..Can anybody explain me where do i have to fill the field to see that missed yellow label over the pics? Do i have to do it for every main image of every post i’ve published?

    Or maybe will it be fixed by WP team soon?



    srhelvetica – it’s not possible to set a tooltip title on featured images, sorry.






    The new media upload tool is not compatible with the theme “Oxygen.” I order for theme users to add a picture in their slider it has to be 750 wide and we are unable to adjust the width of a picture.

    Please help with this issue. Is there something I’m doing wrong?
    My slider needs to be changed since the content is stale. I usually update it frequently.

    The site I need help with is




    musiqexpo – would you mind please starting a new thread for your particular issue so I can better help? I’ll take a look at your site in the meantime.



    Is there any chance to give WP users the possibility to choose if they prefer to keep using the old sistem? I can´t believe i’m going to loose all the tooltip titles i wrote for the pics. can´t be so difficult to mantain one of the best things the OLD system had…this upgrade should be an improvement, not a way of losing information users have been working on!!!



    Hi, I’m the OP. I now see that the image editor has been altered to add the fallback Title bar into the advanced settings options. When I enter the image title there, it appears as a tool tip. For me, the tool tip is imperative, and paramount to the Alt text. My site is a book catalog site. Users must be able to pan over pages of book thumbnails and see both the title of the book and the author in the tool tip. That was the basis of my complaint–that the image title information that auto-fills from the image file name no longer conveys to the title box for filling the tool tip. I have to now manually enter that information in advanced settings, which adds a great deal of time when you consider that I have hundreds of thumbnails to place, and each one must then be manipulated not only for spacing and linking to the the books description page, but also go back and copy the title and author to insert that information back into the title line. This is the frustration, not whether the image has a description or alt text when selected. I need only the tool tip information for users to see when panning over book thumbnails on a page of hundreds. On a positive note, I did discover that the upgrade allows for the image to be linked to the attachment page and opened in a new window. I like that very much, so well done. Of the two problems I outlined originally, the image opening is solved to my complete satisfaction. As for the extra steps I must now take to manually fill in the tool tip title line in advanced settings, I am truly displeased. It requires me to take time that it didn’t take before. Please understand my position: that my issue will not be resolved by admonishing me to read about how alt text or caption text work–that is irrelevant to me. I need tool tip titles, and that’s the only thing that matters to me. Thanks for all your input, but that’s where I stand.



    @ amsbooks
    I’m afraid i haven´t understood (Sorry, English isn´t my nativa language)
    where is the field you have to fill manually to see the tooltip? I can´t see it!

    @wp administrators:
    why if our missed tooltip titles seem to have dissapeared, deleting part of the information we have been working on, i have to see a yellow label saying “permanent link to..” everytime i move mouse over the thumbnails?



    I don’t think that having to click on each image an additional time is right at all. Just put an extra entry in the main editor, along with comment and alt and whatever that is the tooltip text. I also don’t like that it is called “Title” just like the other one is.

    I could care less what HTML tag that results, as long as I can easily find the thing and it has a distinct name no matter where I edit it from. If title is an evil HTML tag, then make another that results in a tooltip.

    I want the original functionality back without too much difficulty.



    asmsgbooks –

    my current workaround is to copy the Title text into Alt text. Then after inserting the picture, go into text mode and change alt= to title=.

    That is at least a little easier than the advanced editor settings, since I can cut and paste the title text in one motion.



    Hello! I thought I’d stop back in as shifts seem to be rather more stable. Old images, though when opened in the media library show an attachment page with content. However, clicking on them, still makes them very large with no title, description or otherwise, I even tried to go back in and use the edit to attempt to determine if I made some error or needed to be sure I had…link to ‘attachment’ page, which is now on a drop down menu when putting up new media yay ty! When I add new media from within a blog posting, it accepts my title and holds the data I wish that then shows at the bottom of the attachment page YAY! I have found that I can correct the old images by deleting them from the media library, then opening the old blog post, choosing edit, putting cursor under the old image code, and using the add media button. I am missing some of the original images due to a computer failure here, so, I cannot do this with all of the images. Another thing, some of the attachment pages are coming up as 404 not found. I am unsure why this is.

    Bonus! Thanks Time thief, I can now add a copyright onto my images! And I learned to spell it! I do not know if the issues of which I still noted are glitches or my lack of knowing how to correct them. I’ve never tried using the advanced things or other newer tools, so I can’t speak for those either.



    Darn I made an error in how I described it.

    I do NOT any longer need to remove the image from the media library.

    In the blog edit area, I simply add new media and select the same image, and the items that I had in the ‘old’ system, that show present but do not seem to function, DO. Then I simply delete the code for where the old image was, within the blog. It then has everything the way it was before said ‘fixes’!



    elisasspot – I’m not quite sure whether you still need any help, but if you do, would you mind starting a new thread and I’ll be glad to help you out there. Thanks!



    hi again!
    the question is related to the theme above: Once it seems tooltips titles over pics have dissapeared. Is there any way to avoid the impersonal (and a bit irritating, in my circunstances) “Permanente link to…” label over the thumbnails? I mean, if my titles aren´t gonna appear again, can I at least those messages appearing?
    Thanks kathryn and everyone for your help and patience.

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