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New Media "Upgrade" has Major Flaws: WordPress Support Please

  1. wealdfaejournals -

    Could you please explain why the image name no longer conveys to the title cox that launches the tool tip title?

    Tool tip titles cause problems with site accessibility and support for them is being phased out in favour of ALT tags, which the screen reader devices used by folks with visual impairments and others "read" better.

    As our developer Ryan pointed out in another thread earlier,

    The reasoning behind dropping the title attribute is outlined here:

    Basically, we're trying to improve accessibility and play nicely with screen readers.

    There is one more fix coming that will improve the alt-caption-title fallback when sending to the editor so that those who invested in title and left caption and alt blank will have their titles show in the alt attribute.

  2. mariannedecher

    REALLY not liking the new system. The old one was idiot-proof. I now hit all the right buttons (add media, select files, upload file etc) and nothing happens. I've tried with and without caption and I'm always brought back to my edit page, right where I started. Paying customer here getting grumpy. Bring back the old system. It worked.

    I'm at

  3. OP here: Kathryn, do you mean to say that tool tip pop ups and alt titles cannot coexist? My images depend on tool tip titles, no matter what WordPress wants to do for impaired accessibility. You cannot disenfranchise unimpaired users for the sake of providing impaired users enhanced accessibility; you must provide for both. Phasing out tool tips, if that's how users identify thumbnails when they pan over them, may be the only way for many blog builders to showcase the images they feature, especially if there are many on a given page, as there are on mine. How else will viewers pan over pages of thumbnails and see the title/author of a thumbnail without them? WordPress needs to work on providing the access each sector requires, not remove one in lieu of the other. I don't need to be pointed to what WordPress is doing, I need to be assured that WordPress is not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. This abandonment of tool tips will be the abandonment of many users. Work toward accommodating both instead of making excuses for choosing one or the other. Alt title don't show up as pop-up titles when panned over. That's what I need.

  4. Kathryn, do you mean to say that tool tip pop ups and alt titles cannot coexist?

    Tooltip titles can still be added via the advanced image editing screen, with the sole exception of featured images. To get to the advanced editing screen, just click on an image after it's been inserted in a page or post, and then click the small blue image icon. Full instructions and screenshot here:

  5. mariannedecher - would you mind starting a separate thread for your issue so we can better help you troubleshoot? Thanks!

  6. Kathryn, you stated earlier that tool tips will be phased out. I understand that I can add tool tip titles manually in the advanced settings of the image manager, as I stated in a previous post in this thread. My concern is, if you are phasing out tool tips, what am I to do when my particular site needs them, and when will that phasing out occur?

  7. Title tooltips have been phased out for now as an image attribute that can be added via the main Add Media page.

    While I can't predict whether one day they will be fully dropped by WordPress, if you're interested in following the development of WordPress software, here are some blogs you can monitor:

  8. Thank you. It looks like my most pressing questions will go unanswered. I'll just continue on, and hope for no more "upgrades" that will add even more steps and time to my tasks. You can consider this thread at an impasse, and this user unsatisfied and unhappy. That's all from the OP. Take care.

  9. It looks like my most pressing questions will go unanswered.

    I'm very sorry if your pressing questions are unanswered. Unfortunately, that's what sometimes happens when other users jump onto another person's thread - it gets harder to help everyone.

    If you're willing to let me know which questions you still need assistance with I'll be glad to try to help.

  10. I'm glad to help. It takes a village to post. Compared to the original system, this new update for images seems convoluted at best, but perhaps someone new will think it is easy. I'm not a professional blogger by any means. I started with WP because it was so easy to get started. Maybe WP is trying to be the site for more proficient bloggers and weed out people like me, I don't know. Updates should help the simplest of us become more efficient and I can't say this did the trick. I'd put this update next to the new Google Maps app.

    I've had a couple issues and the support staff is always there for me. No issues there.

  11. This doesn't make sense to me. The title tag used to be used for tooltips. if you want the Alt tag to be used for tooltips, why not make that actually WORK. I'm sure nobody cares what HTML tag is used to get the job done, just that there is one.

    Nobody has given every reason why tooltips as tooltips are bad. Just make ALT generate a tooltip!

  12. Kathryn,
    Just to preface, I am not a professional blogger. A lot of the comments and phrases being used don't make any sense to me. All I know, is when I started blogging I knew ZERO, and I was still able to produce something I could enjoy. I just tried my own advice and now that doesn't work. Could you just spell out in simple "Dummy" terms how to upload an image from your computer and insert it into your post?

    I apologize for my ignorance, but I'm really frustrated by this whole issue.

  13. Could you just spell out in simple "Dummy" terms how to upload an image from your computer and insert it into your post?

    There's a step-by-step guide with screenshots explaining how to add images from your computer:

    Here are the basic steps:

    1. Go to Posts -> Add New or Pages -> Add New, or open an existing post in editing mode.
    2. Place your cursor where you would like the image to appear, then click on the Add Media icon above your post/page editor
    3. Simply drag and drop your files into the box that appears, or click Select Files to choose a photo from your computer to upload. Please keep in mind that the drag and drop uploader only works in browsers with HTML5 upload support such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Other browsers will still show the Select Files button or the basic browser uploader form.
    4. Once the uploading/crunching process has completed, you will be given the option to edit some settings before inserting the image into the post/page.
    5. Click Insert into Post when you’re done adjusting the image’s settings.

    If you're getting stuck at one of these steps, just let me know where and I'll be glad to help.

  14. Hey, Kathryn, looks like if a few of the happy millions were deserting...
    I agree with many people here:
    * Is It So Difficult To Make Alt. Text To Generate A Tooltip
    * Why Don´t Ultra-Prepared WP Developers Work In Making Tooltip Titles in Featured Images Inestead Of Trying To Convince Us That's The Hardest Thing In The Worl?

    Are Alt. Text Necessary for the impaired people? Ok, mark that field as recquired. What does that has to do with our tooltips? Let us mantain them, or at least let alt. generate them.

  15. @kathrynwp

    i am having trouble uploading photos that fit the format and the size restrictions.

    It says " File is empty. Please upload something more substantial."

    I do not understand what this means


    thank you

  16. kidsinmotionphoto - I would be happy to help you with your issue. Could you please start a new thread? Thanks!

    You can click here to do that:

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