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    Hi, I just joined and am trying to learn how to do this stuff. I have a huge problem inserting links. Here’s what happens.

    I typed in the words “Go to this link” then highlighted it and hit alt-a. It becomes a link. But when you publish it, the link doesn’t actually work.

    For example I said “Go here” and linked to, when you actually try to go there, it takes you to a 404.

    There’s no way I’m doing anything wrong, why isn’t it working? This is really frustrating.

    Please email at eteraz at gmail dot com



    If you’ll notice the link box that pops up, it asks for the URL. Since it’s a web URL, you need to add the http:// bit. In other words, the link should be:

    If you look at your post on your blog, you’ll notice that the link is actually trying to a page within your blog. That’s because of the missing http:// bit.

    You’ll also notice that the pop up box already includes the http:// bit in there. It’s there for a reason and not removed.

    Wikipedia’s writeup on what URL means.

    Hope this helps,





    Thanks. I didn’t realize I had to put that in. You were right, it was taking me to something within my own blog, which only made me paranoid =)

    In my defense, the popup box DOES NOT include the http:// preface. I would have never tampered with it if it was there!

    Thanks so much for the prompt help.



    Could the http: not be coming up because of my version of Internet Explorer?

    I use mozilla at home.



    In my defense, the popup box DOES NOT include the http:// preface.

    Funny, does on mine.

    Not a biggie.

    edit: Using Netscape. I see it.




    If you’re using the WYSIWYG editor then the HTTP:// preface does not appear.

    If you’re using the older text version then it will.

    I’ve just tried this on both my blog here and my main blog running WP2.0.





    That’s what you get you using that high fangled tech-NO-E-G. Back in my day, we didn’t have no fancy pants Y-C-whatever editor. We had to walk thru 5 miles of snow, butt naked, backwards, just to make a post.

    And we liked it!




    You managed to avoid the barbed wire fencing then Mike? Damn do I wish someone would have warned me about it…


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