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new members hir...

  1. just chat if u want and ask questions bout this site

  2. you can plug your blog URL for other members to your site
    by following this link Plug Your Blog Here :)

    P.s. you can link your blog to your user name by going to My Dashboard>users>Your profile
    and put your site URL in the website field

  3. dont want to plug it, a secret diary will be better, ahahahaha, if u want to read my blogs feel free but i dont want to plug it. ehehehe

  4. one thing more, bout the css stuffs i just copy and paste my css codes but this site is telling me bout the fee,

    posting css is not free?

  5. It is not free at

  6. ah ok, ill just test this site before i post css codes

    for future purposes, how should i pay if im not in us?

  7. and also, ehehehehe

    how to reply in your post?

    how to reply in the reply post? gets?

  8. tnx anyweiz

  9. uvelcum

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