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New movie blog - looking for some feedback

  1. I have started a new movie blog - - and haven't had much traffic, so i'm looking for some feedback on both the articles and the blog in general. Please take a look and tell me what you think, i want to try and get it looking as professional as possible.

    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Dear bazmann,

    I took a good look around your blog and read some articles. I will preface by saying I am not a typical member of the movie-loving audience, having worked in various areas of the biz, but I do read a lot of film blogs. The blog looks professional. The layout is fine. The articles are decently short, with relevant images. I also don't know what you mean by not much traffic. However, here are some possible problems:

    You have only the broadest categories listed at the top, and not all of them have entries. No point in putting up a category with nothing in it. By your choices of what to write about, you have positioned yourself to be in competition with well-financed movie news sites. That's a difficult position in which to garner an audience. For one, most of your articles are about teen market genres: superhero movies, action and animation. I watch these kinds of movies, but I don't need critique about them. I already know they will be loud, with bright colors and cool stunts. If I like the trailer, that's enough to make a choice. Casting stories are generally a bore to anyone not actually in the industry. By writing about only the most well-known films, you aren't providing novel content. I'm sure you know about lesser-known, high-quality films. Champion them. Besides reviews and news, you could be writing about film technology, history, foreign films, film music, and movies made for grown-ups. Older viewers read more film criticism, and they want to know about indies, dramas, love stories and smarter comedies. You could compare styles of acting and writing within cultural and historical contexts. You could analyze trailers and marketing campaigns and explain the approaches. Don't try to be an online magazine. Go deep.

    I hope this gives you some nourishing food for thought. Happy blogging!

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