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New name

  1. Do not be alarmed, my friends. I have changed my name. I was formerly nickelbeck, now I am something more appropriate to who I am and how I feel. I like healingmutti a lot more. :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. healingnickel would have been an immense name.

  3. Why did you change it? And what does it mean?

    ps: I have a healing mutt. :o)

  4. All the best in the journey to gets worse before it gets better that am sure you already know. I am happy for you healingmutti :)

  5. What you're doing by changing your name is pretty powerful. I know you're not religious but I mean this in a historical context... In the Jewish tanakh or Christian Old Testament, people's names were sometimes changed. It was a sign of power. In those days, a name change signified a huge event, whereby the person (whose name was changed by God), moved into a different light. If you ever go to a Catholic or Protestant (or other) church and listen to a sermon, you will hear, over and over, "In the name of..." Because God's name and Christ's name weren't used like we use names today -they mean something very significant and they are about the purpose of a soul. Whatever your name was -that was who you were as a person. So you changing your own name is right in line with the history of humanity, especially if you are Anglo Saxxon. It's been debated that the word "Saxxon" is most likely derived from "Isaac's son." Isaac, the son of Abraham. Abraham, who used to be Abram.

    Interesting stuff. :o)

  6. Abram and Sarai were had siblings who had the same father.

  7. opps! I see a typo above: Abram and Sarai were half siblings who had the same father.

  8. Two siblings that had the same father, eh? :o)

    Abram = Abraham
    Sarai = Sarah

    Both their names were changed. And they were married and had Isaac, the progenitor of the Jewish people. Before Isaac, Abraham slept with Hagar, who had Ishmael, as in "Call me Ishmael," the first sentence in "Moby Dick." Ishmael is the progenitor of the Arab people. So there was a fight over the birthright -who had it- and there is still argument over which son Abraham went to sacrifice. This is the root of the war b/w Jews and Arabs. This is the very beginning of the hatred.

    It’s been debated forever that Abraham and Sarah were siblings because of Genesis 12:10-20. I wish I could argue either way with confidence but I am not a scholar.

  9. Mutti means mommy in German. I am half German, my mother and her side of the family are pure German. I have been trying to get my daughter to call me Mutti, but it never took. :P

    I am healing, or trying to anyway. My depression/postpartum may not have been the most severe ever, but it was pretty bad for me. I still cry about it. I am trying to change that, and just be at peace. I am a healing mommy, so I am healingmutti. :)

  10. Your blog is different than any other blog I've ever read b/c sometimes, when I read it, I'm uncomfortable in my seat. That's the hallmark of what art is all about -making people uncomfortable; not purposely and not for a reaction, but because something is true and has to be exposed. That stuff about the postpartum depression where thoughts are running through your mind about harming your child and what you do to combat that --it is an act of courage to expose it. Go, healingmutti!

  11. Thank you! That made me smile, which I needed today. :)

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