New on wordpress – 3 display issues

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    1. My block title appears all jammed together with no spacing between words. I’m not able to find a way to change the title’s appearance.
    2. I have five widgets on the right side of the blog, but only four of them appear. A fifth widget appears “blogroll” which I have no idea what it is for in place of my “links” widget.
    3. My first post was published with tomorrow’s date instead of today’s.

    I’ve looked through all the menu items on the left of the dashboard page but was unable to resolve any of these items.
    Thank you for any help or directions you can give me.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    1. You can change your blog title and/or tagline at any time here > Settings > General
    2. You can delete all those Blogroll links in your dashboard and insert your own choices
    3. The default timezone is UTC time. This is not retroactive but you set up your own timezone on this page > Settings > General and if you are picky then you can edit the post after your do that and change the date time stamp in the publish box and then click “update”.
    image here >
    Hope this helps.



    thanks, thief…
    Thanks to you, I was able to take care of all three problems. I appreciate it very much.



    Hi again Cris,
    I’m so happy to hear we resolved all three issues. You’re welcome. Blog on! :)

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