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    We used to have the WP option toolbar that followed us through WP almost invisibly, where you had to scroll to get back up to it (My Account, Dashboard etc) This new option bar scrolls up and down with my page, rendering me unable to see some of my photos in their entirety, and frankly it’s annoying. Is there any way to change back to the old or at least stop it from scrolling up and down with my page?? Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Lisa:

    The bar you’re talking about is called the admin bar, just for reference.

    I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem you’re experiencing. It’s possible it has something to do with your setup.

    What browser (brand & version #) and OS are you using?



    I don’t know what it is called, but the new post page, and especially the edit post page have been changed. The new pages are HORRIBLE. There is a list of options on the left side that bleeds into the new text window. On the edit post page, the new text window is about one fourth the size it used to be. Can I have my old pages back?


    @sberkun: She’s talking about the change you made: admin bar used to be top of blog page, now changed to top of browser window.



    I LOVE the new admin bar. It has my biggest wish: check the stats of any of your blogs in one click from anywhere within

    If you are experiencing weird side effect,s Chamblee54, tell us the URL of your blog, starting with http, and what browser and version you’re using.


    @chamblee54, this is just a guess, but while on the editor page, go to the view menu in your browser and reset your view zoom level. It could be that it got set to a + zoom level and that is causing the problem.



    I’m using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8. I’d normally have no problem with the new admin bar, but I hate that it scrolls with the page.



    @chamblee54 Minimising the menu will help – click on the tiny arrows between the sections.



    @chamblee54 And you can resize the text window by clicking and dragging the bottom tight corner to get back to the size you had..

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