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    I am trying to create a new page titled ” Things that make me smile” however I’m wanting to insert images that make me smile. When I create the page and choose an image from the media library and choose insert it does show up at that point but when I click on “preview” no image appeared so I then tried “publish” but the same thing happens.

    As you can see I have no problem with inserting images on my blog but as a test I tried to insert an image on my “about” page but after preview/publish the image was not there however the space/area where the image should have been was the size of the image and if I clicked in that area it opened up another page with the image. What am I doing wrong???

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks :-)

    The blog I need help with is


    a) Posts and static pages are exactly the same as far as editing, inserting images etc is concerned.

    b) We can’t tell what’s wrong if we can’t see it: publish the page so we can check.



    I just published the page titled “toons”



    The image can’t be displayed because its format is BMP (not suitable for the internet). You need to convert it into a regular JPG or PNG and re-upload it. If you can’t do it, I can do it for you.



    OMG, you know I never even thought of that because when I uploaded I just assumed it was a .gif or .jpeg which is how I usually save my images didn’t realize it was a .bmp just assumed it was the correct format and you know what they say when you “assume” something.

    Thanks so much I really appreciate your calling that to my attention at least now I know it was the format and that was all and not something else I was doing wrong. :)



    Oops, I just checked the image in my media library and this is the way it is shown:
    File name: cartexting.jpg
    File type: image/jpeg

    So it actually was a jpg/jpeg, now does it have to be .jpg only and not .jpeg?


    You’re welcome.

    To find out what was going wrong, I checked things before replying: that file is a bmp. The fact that the suffix says jpg doesn’t necessarily mean that the file is a jpg: I can take your bmp and change the suffix to jpg or doc or pdf or whatever, but it’ll still be a bmp. You need to copy it in an image editing application and save the copy as a jpg or a png.



    Thanks so much for your help as I was finally able to get the image posted.

    Thanks again and kudos!!!

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