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new page and categories aren't showing

  1. For some reason my new page "I can do this" diet and just stuff category are not showing up on the home page. Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your home page is for posts. Posts are the articles you write in your blog. They have dates and you can add categories and tags to them. Your home "page" is unique because it is dynamic: it changes every time you add a post to your blog. It's the heart of your blog: it's where you write new articles.

    You also have an "About" page on your blog. You can add as many more pages as you want, but they will not have dates nor will you be able to add categories or tags to them. They are outside of the dynamic ever changing blog structure. They are useful for information that doesn't change, like your "About" page. Pages could include a list of reference books, or a contact page, or (as you have done) an introduction to yourself.

    So what you did by mistake I'm sure was to make "I can do this diet" as a page when what you intended was to make a post.

    Just go to edit that page, switch to the "text" editor, and copy all of the code there. Then open a "new post" and go to its "text" editor. Paste the code there, and save or publish. You can return to the visual editor and add more to that article if you like. You can also add your category "just stuff." Once it's published be sure to update if you add more to the post.

  3. Oh, then once your post is published, go ahead and delete the page.

  4. No, I intended to make the "can do" a page that I can post to! Just like the home page. Is'nt that possible?

  5. No. You cannot post to a page. Please read the link above and again here about the differences between posts and pages:

    You can make posts and assign categories to them. Then your readers can choose which categories they are interested in reading. Using a category widget is the simplest way for your readers to find topics of interest (presuming that you categorize your posts efficiently, accurately, and informatively.)

    Each category has a link which can be added to a custom menu.
    Here is one from your blog:

    If you want to make any category page part of your main navigation bar so it looks like it is a separate and distinct page (sort of like you are "posting to a page") then you need a custom menu which will link to the categories.

    Make "I can do this diet" into a post as I described above. The assign it to a category, for example "diet" or "I can do this diet" and make a custom menu with a tab linking to all your posts about that diet. Make more posts with the "diet" category and they will all appear with the same link:

    Here is more info about custom menus:

  6. Thanks 1tess, for some reason this makes more sense.
    Thanks for sticking with me!
    Marian Green

  7. My home and about me buttons have disapeared and I did create the Cat for I can do this diet and did the menu like you said.
    The new Catagory is still not showing up. I don't want to delete all I've done but I'm not sure where I messed up. Can you help?

  8. I think I finally got things worked out. Would you mind taking a look for me? Thanks

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