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    Hi All,

    I hope that someone can point out what I have (or have not) done that prevents my new page being displayed in my blog.

    Here is what I did:

    Clicked “New Page” on the Dashboard
    Wrote the content
    Set parent to be “Reading Challenges”
    Set the order to 1 (order on the existing sub-page was 0)

    When this didn’t result in my new page showing up, I went back and changed the orders to 1 for the new page and 2 for the existing page.

    The existing page is called “Why Buy the Cow” and the new page is “Goodreads 2012”

    I tried logging out and back in to WordPress to see if that made it show up. It didn’t. According to the “All Pages” part of the Dashboard, the page has been published. If I click “view page” from the edit screen, I can see the page. When I navigate away, I can’t find a link to navigate back again.

    I hope this is enough detail for someone to help me – thanks in advance to those who do :o)

    The blog I need help with is



    After posting this, I was sent to a page with a different list of previous posts…and I made the same error as cathyscholl – I forgot to add the new page to my custom menu.

    Thanks cathyscholl and anyone who read this :o)

    Now to find out how to mark this thread as resolved….

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