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New page not showing on menu/webpage

  1. Hi! We've got various pages on our webpage, one of them is an old page that we deleted and is still showing on the menu but doesn't in fact exist, and a new one we have just posted doesn't appear. Halp!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You don't have a custom menu, do you?
    Has the 404 not found page been removed permanently from the trash?

    What is the published link to the page which is not appearing in your menu?

  3. What do you mean by a custom menu? We've just created pages...

    We're not getting a 404 message as such (just the generic wordpress 'Nothing found' message). I've emptied trash and deleted cookies...

    The address for the page that won't appear is:

    and the permalink is:

    Thanks for quick reponse!

  4. Oh, yes, the generic "nothing found" is the same as 404 message only nicer because it's not so technical and cold.

    Something is not right, obviously. My "stab in the dark" was that the old page and the new page had the same name, but that is not so.

    Can you try making a custom menu which includes all the pages you want to appear, including the new page. ( )?

    As a volunteer I can't see what's wrong, but if a custom menu makes the new page visible in your menu, then that's all for the good.
    and other info you might want to check out about custom menus:

    I'll put a modlook tag on this thread as well (so staff will help you), just in case the custom menu doesn't work…

  5. Super! Thank you. I'll go have a fiddle and see what I can sort out.

    Cheers for your help.

  6. ha! We totally did have a custom menu! I hadn't removed one or added another. problem solved (not stupidity tho unfortunately)


  7. Great! I looked at your code, but that theme is a little different so I wasn't sure it was a custom menu or not. (or maybe it's too early in the morning—pre-coffee—for me)

  8. oh, and of course congratulations on the wedding!

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