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    When I make new pages i have about 33 pages is thier anyway to make it so it isent in alphabetical order?



    You know I checked your blog a few hours ago and because of the state it was in decided to bypass answering your question.

    I can’t hold off any longer and hope this doesn’t hurt your feelings but… the site is a disaster, no two ways around it.

    Step by step.

    If you select a theme that produces a menubar of the pages you write it they will always produce what you have now. You have so many pages it destroys the theme design.

    There are two ways to solve this.

    One. Select a theme that doesn’t produce a menubar for pages. Obviously this restricts the number of themes to choose from.

    2. Delete all your pages accept the most vital. I.E. Home, About, Archives, Contact. Don’t add so many that it stretches past the width of the themes content area.

    Take all the pages you have now and reproduce them as categories.

    I think I know what your trying to do. Correct me if wrong.

    You desire to have a page with all the information on one team on that page. Obviously with that many NBA teams and the limits of some themes that isn’t possible.

    So there you have it, hope I wasn’t too harch, that’s just me. Any more questions drop’em in this thread.






    But every time lets say i post on the injury category it shows up on front page? i have hve the category injury checked an home unchecked but it still shows up thier? can i just have a post in lets say injury category an not have it show up on the front page?



    Why would you want something to not show up on the front page? that defeats the idea of a blog! You really do need some post there on the front page, that ugly 404 message isn’t very inviting!


    Also, you should run your blog tag through spellcheck.
    It should read, “A site for NBA fans to come and talk about their favorite teams with up-to-date information about their teams!”



    But still is thier a way for it not to show up on the front page?


    No there isn’t. With a blog the point is for something to show up on the main page. It sounds to me like you want to develop your own web site or a message board-type forum. If that’s the case, then WordPress isn’t going to line up with your desires.



    yes, That is what i would really like to do. But i do not have the money to get my site hosted. Is thier any other blog or somthing wear i can do that for free or cheap?



    Also, you should run your blog tag through spellcheck.

    Hmmmm…. I did my part.

    I’m done.

    Almost. Hosting is reletively cheap. In most cases for what you need less than about 7 bucks a month. No offense, but that’s “cutting the grass change.” As for what to run it on try a free forum software like Vanilla. Here is their forum for discussion of the product.


    The suggestion of a message board is a good idea. There are tons of free ones, not any harder to operate than a blog. Google “free message boards.) and yeah, you need to make sure your spelling is right, that looks really unprofessional, which reflects bad on you.



    I Just hooked up my forum a chatroom to my blog. Tell me how it looks now.


    I Just hooked up my forum a chatroom to my blog. Tell me how it looks now.

    Honestly, it still looks pretty bad. You shouldn’t have all of those team categories as separate pages. It looks awful and it’s not the point of a blog. Also, you still have their spelled incorrectly.



    B4Ð $p3££1n9 m4|{3$ m3 l33t. :)

    I politely point out that my spelling issues is due to a physical problem. That may be the case here as well. We need to tone that done a bit, people.

    <rant>Don’t make me come over there. Damn kids…</rant>

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