New PageRank Google update today/yesterday. Did it affect you?

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    It seems as if Google has just done a PageRank update (i just wrote about it on my blog). As posted It seems to be some strange results.

    Has anyone else experienced this also?

    I went from a PR0 to a PR6 but really dont have much traffic at all (according to WP stats).

    Be interested to see how other users have faired and how well they are stacking up on search engine optimisation.



    Blaze – this isn’t a dodgy way to get people to your blog is it??? ;)

    Got to be honest and say that I don’t even know how to check my pagerank with google…



    Hi There,

    I am now # 1 in google for a particular search.

    How do you check your page ranks?



    If you’re using IE and have the Google toolbar installed, there’s an option to display it there. I haven’t found any other way yet.

    I am PR5, but never having checked it before I can’t tell you whether there’s been a change there.


    With FF, there’s an extension for same: Search Status.



    I was going to post about this yesterday as someone noticed over my neck of the woods as well. We knew it was pending as the other datacenters were in the process of updating. Both my test blog and my actual personal blog are PR5’s. They were zero’s. Should actually be higher as MSN is picking up something like an additional 5k in links more than Google. Google is only seeing the links here and the picture FAQ that others have linked to. Our in house work blog stayed at a PR7. (No link provided as its a TOS violation here, contains advertising and we talk about Matt’s love of BBQ)

    There are a number of places where one can check. I did notice that the place I usually recommended and had a link to on my blog is no longer working. I’ve been sending people to but their scripts have been reported to not always be 100% correct. Don’t know what the issue is though with them.

    PageRank Lookup for a specific site or a number of sites.
    PageRank Search for a number of sites via keyword
    PageRank lookup across the different datacenters. (Takes a few seconds to run)
    Inbound links to your site from the different search engines. is a PR7 while is a PR9. Eteraz, you’re a PR4. Cornell, you’re a PR4 as well.



    Yeah i checked SEOchat straight up. Another really quick one to use is If you have FireFox, there’s a good tool that shows both PageRank and Alexa rank. You can get that one here.

    In response to cornell, no it’s not a “dodgy” attempt at driving traffic to my blog. My blog really just a personal blog of tidbits and I know its rarely useful for anyone ;). I am however interested to see how many other WordPress users are getting good rankings. This is due to the nature of ranked sites changing (link farms going down, organic fresh content going up)… i believe. I also think something may have to do with being linked from “more reputable websites”, ie: quality instead of quantity. These have been long talked about strategies but they are only just coming into play.



    OMG!! I’m a 6!! But I checked here all the time and it always showed a big 0:

    And why don’t I have more Google links:

    Engine Count
    Google 485
    Yahoo 5080
    MSN 4481
    Teoma 0

    And what the hell is Teoma? I’ve never heard of them.


    I *think* Teoma = AskJeeves….



    Teoma is the parent company for AskJeeves although with their new direction, it looks like they’re just putting everything under the “” name now.

    Google never seems to pick up all of the other inbound links that the others do. It’s rather annoying…

    Of course, neither does Blogshares….’

    Congrats nosysnoop. PR6 is a pain to get. Highest I’ve ever gotten is a PR5. *chuckle* Of course now you’re going to have people asking for links from your site. :)

    As to blaze, they’ve posted here before. I have no issue with it. I want to know who’s got that PR8 mentioned on Matt’s blog that you mention as well. I’m doubting it’s a blog. Love to know who that is.

    Anyone who’s not clear on how to do a lookup, just give a shout out and I’m sure one of use will post your score.



    Of course now you’re going to have people asking for links from your site.

    Like people asking for a link exchange? I stopped asking other sites because I was tired of some sites never replying back, which meant a no. And then other sites completely took my name and link off their sidebar without even telling me. :( If they want a link exchange, they can email me.

    But I checked on some other entertainment sites and I was higher than most of them. Why is that? I struggle to get 1,000 page views a day while they get thousands, tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands, A DAY. So why is my page rank higher even though I don’t have the traffic that they do and they make lots of money too?




    Thanks for the links. It still means nothing to me, but at least I can say that both my blogs are a pr=4 now :)

    I assume that the top PR rank is 10?



    I assume that the top PR rank is 10?

    In theory, yes. I think I read somewhere that they planned on having a top PR of 8 but desided to go higher. If you’re interested, you can see a list of highly placed websites here.

    PR4 is pretty good for a new website. I have hosted sites here with PRs like that which have tried to raise up and you did it on the first try without even trying. :)



    PR 10 is impossible really.

    In my opinion, an “ok” rank is 4, a “good” rank is 5, a “very good” rank is 6, an “excellent” rank is a 7 and an 8 is just insane. My web design company site has over 1000+ backlinks (a lof of those from well ranked pages) and its just on a plateau at PR4, which is strange compared to my blog with 3-400 backlinks and a PR6.

    As i said in my recent post though I think it’s really becoming about quality not just quantity.

    Nosysnoop: a lot of people are asking similar questions at the moment but I guess the simplest answer would be that PageRank isnt and never has been related to traffic. Think of it as who you are associated with. If you are linked from good people/sources you will get a good rank. That’s the only thing I can think of at this stage :)



    It’s always been the quality of the inbound links, not quanity. Even Google’s own information about PageRank states that.



    My problem with Google not seeing me, here.

    As for PR – it could be some quantity-quality ratio over the time Google has records of you. That average might explain why new sites (<2 months old) have gone up from PR0 to 6 quickly and then lost a bit over the next months, for instance, since the number and quality of links can’t possibly have grown as quickly as the first time they were “PageRanked”… Does that make any sense to you?



    mine is PR4 now, while my chinese blog is: PR3. i guess Google even has a integrity index as one of the quality factor to each web site.



    Even I got a PR4 recently and I am very happy :D



    I host a site about an 80 year old grandmother and her 9 cats that has a PR3. It’s not that hard to land a site in that range. Above it is when you start having to dig.



    My first time looking at PR was today. I was afraid I’d get a big goose egg, but my blog got a 4, and my separate writing portfolio (with no in/out links at all) got a 2. I’m pretty happy with that.

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