New PageRank Google update today/yesterday. Did it affect you?

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    In case anyone wants to compare: – PR7 – PR9
    Scobleizer – PR7
    Matt – PR8
    Podz – PR3 :)



    I was pleased to get PR5. As a relatively new blogger, I’m a bit amazed, actually.



    Well gets such a good rank because it’s shipped twice on every default WP install and as we know WP is popular and amazingly linked.

    The dot com is linked from the dot org and many times from the 160,000 blogs it hosts (on subdomains – therefore treated like totally different site links).

    Matt is linked on every default wordpress install as well as a bunch of others on the default Blogroll.

    Scobleizer is always on the front page of therefor a great rank (not to mention he has loads of other organic links)

    Who’s Podz? :p

    Vivian: congrats


    I was just wondering why I am a Page Rank 0, when according to technorati I have links linking to me and blogrolls too.

    I remember checking a few weeks ago, and I was 3, but I have more people coming to read my blog and have rss feeds daily.

    Is there something I am missing?




    Thanks blaze!



    I bet your “disappearing” PR is because of this: I notice that when i am looking at the http version of my address, my page rank is 5 and it is 0 when I am on the https version. Maybe that’s it? give it a try


    Nope… didn’t change it.

    Oh well, maybe it will get better the longer I blog for.

    I am getting readers according to my dashboard, and rss feeds.

    But any hints or help would be grateful.



    Actually I should just be happy that people are coming and and my blog stats are going up slowly…

    So google may be irrelevant to me at the moment, then later when my blog keeps growing I may be indexed.

    Walk before running right?




    Living, I think you just didn’t get under teh wire of Google’s cutoff to be added in. Remember, they update PRs every 90-120 days. You’ll note that Google is still not recording any inbound links for your site yet. That’s a good sign of not having a PR set for you yet.



    I still don’t understand about all the links. Do you mean the links I have on my blogroll, or the links to stories and pictures that I link to as a source? Like when I credit a picture/story by placing the link?



    Dont worry about Google so much just yet. Just keep working on your blog and eventually you will get noticed by google. Google is actually the slowest at showing and updating Backlinks.

    IMHO MSN is the fastest. If you look at your blog in MSN you will see you are listed with 21 backlinks (which isnt that much). But eventually you will get there.

    Actually scratch that… I just tried MSN and my blog has 28, then i tried yahoo and my blog has 358 which is more like it :D. It must be that time of the month for MSN.

    Checking yours livingjourney, it shows 204 backlinks so you are actually doing quite well. Just keep it up and you will get a PR to prove your efforts.

    At the end of the day PR doesnt count for anything if you are getting visitors but its still nice to know you are being awarded for your effort with something.



    Nonysnoop: By links we mean links from other websites to your website. This accounts to your ranking in the web and determines how “popular” you are on the web, therefore how you should be ranked.

    Unfair maybe? Sure, but it works somewhat at this stage. At least until the concept of some of these new web2.0 search engines cotton on.


    Thanks Blaze…I have never thought to check msn and yahoo. I will just keep blogging along, and see what happens.

    Appreciate your help



    I don’t have a page rank yet.

    But google is seeing me at last. Yay!

    I typed in Living Journey, just for fun. Low and behold I am the first one found. hahaha.

    I never thought that would happen.




    LJ (and anyone else), something you might want to consider creating inblound links to your blog using that term. One trick I use is placing a link within my sig at any of the forums I post at. I have sites that have a couple of thousand inbounds because of them.

    Hope this helps,


    Yeah, I have found a forum that I may post in.

    But I am really happy that I am just found in a google search. Not only that, my hits have gone from 10 a day, and yesterday, I received 81 hits.

    The average is definately going up.

    Oh happy days..




    You can also use a tool like the Google Dance Tool to compare the datacenters.



    The Google algorithm has been making things go crazy, obscure websites coming up and top ranked sites vaporised from the index.. Found Agency (a whose who of SEO) came crashing down and now can’t be found anywhere. They used to rank in the top 5 for “search engine optimization”. They were apparently using dodgy SEO methods.
    As for your Page Rank increase, its just a score. Just because you receive a high page rank doesn’t mean you’ll get a higher rate of traffic automatically [well not directly anyway]. A high page rank means you will be ranked higher in search engine result pages which in turn will help generate traffic.

    Anyways as you said Google is late in updating the back links count and doesn’t really tell you how much links you’ve already got. If anyone is interested you can go through the Google patent documents they filed in April. Do a google search or jump on to my blog…

    let chaos rule in the world of SEO…..



    “jump on to my blog” is much harder to do when you don’t indicate where it is. Are you SURE you know what you’re doing in SEO?

    Google just did some kind of shakeout: I used to be #1 for “Britney Spears sex tape” and ten hours later I’m in the middle of the seventh page. What’s up with that?

    And I always assumed the trouble with the incoming links was on the WordPress display end, not the google end. Maybe I was wrong about that; they seem to alternate between really OLD ones and newer ones.



    Anyways as you said Google is late in updating the back links count

    Do note that this thread is from last year. Also they did a back links count update in April.

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