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    I’m brand new to WordPress, and I’m struggling with a very basic feature. I created three pages, in addition to the homepage: an “About Me” page, a “Meet the Family” page, and a Custom menu of Categories called “Frequent Musings.” The only Tab that appears at the top is Frequent Musings, though the other pages are published. This template shows that it can have multiple tabs (pages) across the top, so what am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you’re using a Custom Menu, you have to add each Page you want to show into it.



    Yes, the pages are appearing in the custom menu. But the static pages do not appear as tabs. When I view them directly from the New Pages dashboard, I can see the pages, but there’s no way to navitage to them. I understand that this template will allow me to have a series of tabs across the top, one of which is the custom menu. But that’s the only one I can see.

    For more info, I had this problem before I even created the custom menu, so I don’t think the problem is related. The “About Me” tab was visible, but then the “Meet the Family” page did not appear as a tab. Now neither About Me nor Meet the family is a tab, only the custom menu.


    My pages aren’t coming up in the sub-menu tabs either! How do we contact the developers about this problem??



    I am trying to delete pages and that’s not working. Should be simple. One page is even in my trash but it still shows up. cleared my cache.

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