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    One of the reasons I’m moving this blog to WP is because I can make pages. I’ve made pages on my other WP blog (nanoreef), but for some reason my new pages on this new blog (recklessprettywild) aren’t showing up. :-(

    I edited the “About” page, couldn’t access it, so I deleted it and recreated it from scratch, then I created another new page (Lyrics). I get a “D’oh” error page when I try to view both of them. The pages exist: I can edit them, but they cannot be viewed from either the homepage or the page management/editing page. (Although the content is there in the editing space, the D’oh error page is all that shows up in the post preview pane when I edit them.)

    I created the pages yesterday and was hoping whatever bug is keeping them from being accessed would be fixed by morning. :-( When can I expect the pages feature to be operational again?



    I’m having the same issue and it’s maddening because I see the text in edit mode. Please fix this.



    Same here, I love the page feature, but while I can add pages and they are linked and can be edited, they CANNOT be viewed. It is very upsetting and I sent a feedback question about it. Could there be a limit to pages? I hope not. It is the reason I am switching from Blogger. It started yesterday and I had hoped that it would be working today.

    It makes me feel better to know that I am not the only person having this problem. Adding my voice to yours, PLEASE, we really need this feature fixed.


    I can offer a bit of reassurance here: I have another blog on and have a number of pages and sub-pages on it. They are still there and can be viewed. :-)

    The problem seems to be something recent with the creation of new pages or the viewing of pages newly created. There’s no reason to think that the page problem are pernament.

    I just wish I knew what was going on, when it will be fixed, and if I’ll need to do anything to the invisible pages once things are fixed.


    Woo-hooo! My pages are back, visible, editable. Looking just like they should. :-D



    I am having the same problem in that I can create pages but they do not resolve from the link on the viewable page, nor do they show in the preview pane after you save changes.

    Any advice?



    Me, too, the problem is still not fixed and I could not work on my BLOG today because of it. Very frustrating!

    Older pages are viewable but nothing from yesterday afternoon until now that is new.

    Posts seem okay and viewable, maybe that is why more people are not complaining?

    But the pages feature is broken, at least for new pages.



    I have the same problem.
    I thought it was because the reason of different timezone at first. But after I waited for a whole 11 hours to expect my page to show up, I found it not because of the post time.
    There should be some of other reasons.
    Somebody can help??



    I hope someone has noticed the problem by now. The failure for new pages to function and to be viewed is serious. I can appreciate that the guys who run this site are busy though. Maybe this Saturday someone can finally give us some information about the problem?

    The hour is late for me, goodnight guys.



    i cant view my about me section. meh why is this? =S



    how come this isn’t resolved yet?



    make sure that you didn’t created nested pages and removed their parents.

    set ‘Page Parent’ to ‘Main Page (none)’,
    ‘Page Template’ to ‘Default’, save.


    Well, I am still having this problem, and now, the template is unconfigured: instead of 2 paralel colums, there is one on top of the other! I am sure that’s not something I did, since I can’t alter the template!!! I am just starting on wordpress and until now it has been very frustrating!!!!!
    Please please please someone fix all this soon!



    gaviotasdelmapocho, your site looks fine here. You don’t seem to be affected by this bug, so it’d probably be best to start a new thread.

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