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New pages won't post on my wordpress blog. NOT a blog posting but a PAGE

  1. I am trying to create new pages for my blog. I am having plenty of success with publishing blog posts, but I cannot get a static page to publish. I already have 3 static pages. Are we limited as to how many we can have? I tried to create one of the pages back in July and it never published. I have cleared my browser's cache - no help. I tried viewing it on a different computer (a generic suggestion I saw on wordpress) - no help. This is my blog url: I'm not very technical so if someone could please explain the answer step by step that would be lovely! Thank you in advance for your assistance!
    Blog url:

  2. I'm having a similar problem--three pages plus a Home page--can't seem to post to individual pages. I questioned on this forum over an hour ago--no replies yet.

  3. @reedpros
    I see these Pages on your blog:
    Contact Me
    There is no limit on the number of Pages you can create. For creating Pages see here >

    Troubleshooting – My Pages aren’t appearing
    They must be public pages – not private.
    Public – The page will be visible to everyone.
    Protected – The page is protected with a password you set. Only people who have the password can view a protected page.
    Private – Pages are only visible to blog Editors and Administrators. Private pages are not visible in Blog Surfer, feeds, or in any search. A page can be private without being password protected.

  4. @vivrabeene

    I questioned on this forum over an hour ago--no replies yet.

    The average time is takes on any blogging support forum for first response time is 12 - 24 hours. But on this forum we Volunteers do better than that.

    Your issue is not the same issue. I answered you in your thread here >

  5. @reedpros: Are you sure you mean the other pages never published? Or do you mean they never showed up in the top menu? Can you see them in Pages > All Pages?

  6. Hi everyone. I checked the settings on my pages and they show Public but aren't visible. I know Home, Contact, About and Store are showing up, but I tried to publish Lessons and Reed Tips but even though they are marked Public and status shows as published, they are not at listed with my other static pages. I don't have them password protected or admin only privaledges. Not sure why I'm having this problem. I even watched the tutorial on how to create a static page. I didn't do anything different. Thanks to everyone who has responded. Any other suggestions?

  7. as you can't see Lessons and Reed Tips in Pages > All Pages you will nned to look in your Trash. When you delete a post, page, comment, or media file from your blog, it will be moved to the Trash folder. You have separate trash folders for posts, pages, comments, and uploads.

    Pages: Pages -> Edit

    If you find them you can restore them

  8. Pages > All Pages > Trash is where to look.

  9. Give us a link to them. If you can only see them on the dashboard, that link is better than nothing.

  10. Right - because I for one am confused by your description: if "they are not at listed with your other static pages", then where are you seeing that "they are marked Public and status shows as published"?

  11. I've never sent the pages to the trash bin but just in case I checked there. They had not been trashed.

    Here is the link for each page: and

    I can click on these links and see the page I created but I don't see it on my navigation bar with the other pages. When I go to the Pages section of my blog via the Dashboard and see all pages, each of them shows as published, but only Contact, About, Store and Home are active for someone to see and click on from my blog.

    I decided to try to trash the page and recreate it to see if that corrected the problem. That didn't help. I tried selecting Copy A Page to see if one of the pages that is published and working well would somehow correct the problem. I used the duplicate working page, changed all the content, hit publish and it still didn't help.

  12. So what I had suspected was right (but you completely ignored my original question). Your pages are published alright, they just don't show in the menu. That's because you're using a custom menu. Go to Appearance > Menus, click View All in the Pages module, select the pages, click Add to Menu, drag to reposition if necessary, click Save Menu.

  13. Right - because I for one am confused by your description: if "they are not at listed with your other static pages", then where are you seeing that "they are marked Public and status shows as published"?

    Sorry I should have made that more clear. When I am looking at the Dashboard and logged into wordpress to edit my pages, I am able to see they are published and marked as public. But when I go to my blog live, the Pages and Do not show on my navigation bar and so the average joe stumbling upon my site and clicking my navigation bar won't be able to access those pages.

  14. Sorry Justpi, wasn't trying to ignore you. Don't know how I missed responding to your question.

    On a happy note though, I'm so glad you were checking out this thread because you found the solution to my problem!!! I had no idea I was using a custom menu (my web designer friend set this up for me a while back).

    Thanks so much to everyone who responded. I was starting to pull my hair out and I don't think I'd look good bald. ;-)

  15. You're welcome.
    (I didn't mean you tried to ignore me, I meant that if you had noticed the question this would have been resolved a lot sooner.)

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