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New "perspective" blog

  1. Hi!

    I've recently created my first WordPress blog after being inspired by a couple of other blogs I like. It's just getting started, but I'm hoping to be blogging about a variety of things in life and how they affect us, whether they matter, et cetera. It's generally things from different "perspectives".
    As said before, I'm a beginner with this, so how can I improve? Any constructive feedback is great: on the themes, content, ideas for posts...

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I already know that the theme is horrible for what I'm posting. Any new ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just changed the theme. Is it good?

  3. whoops! like just about everyone new showcasing here, I forgot to add the link to my blog.

  4. Hi! My name is Sierra and I think that your blog has a fun theme, one that you don't find on the internet very often. I am a teenager myself, so I find it interesting that you are willing to post from your own personal perspective. I just have a few pointers for you.

    As far as your theme goes, I would suggest something a little more colorful (i.e. Choco, Spectrum, or Tapestry). You are going to be presenting a lot of ideas, so you want your blog to appear as interesting as possible.

    Now don't feel like you have to do this, but if I were you, I would also just make sure that you present both sides of whatever topic you are posting about. If your blog is about perspective, its probably good to present your topic in a way that everyone can relate to. Maybe that would defeat the purpose of your blog, but I think that showing both sides of an argument is a good exercise, not to mention it might even interest more people in your blog.

    Hope that this was helpful. :)

  5. Thanks! I'll look out for more themes. I might try doing all kinds of perspectives (assuming I can imagine them!), seems like a good idea.

  6. I advise to just try out different themes and see which ones you like. A tip is to save your widgets before changing your theme, because when you switch themes they clear your widget list.

    Also, the ending punctuation mark always goes inside quotation marks :) Welcome!

  7. Thanks for the advice! I've changed my theme for one last time - hopefully ;-)

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