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New picture uploader and Phantom Posts

  1. Like a lot of others yesterday we had issues with putting pictures on the blog. The main thing was that titles and alt text put in the new uploader did not appear on the post and had to be added via edit.
    Not the end of the world if annoying and we have seen bugs before and they always seemed to get solved pretty quickly.

    I just posted a few minutes ago and noticed that you cannot add a title in the editor anymore, just alt text and caption. Something that confused us in the forums was that that there seems to be a double message concerning picture titles as some say they are meaningless and some say they are good for SEO. Be nice to get a definitive answer on that.

    Anyway, our real concern was that phantom posts appeared last night. We can't see them anywhere except in places like notifications or most popular posts. Someone commented on one of these phantom posts and that brought our attention to it. It's as if it is a stand alone version of our blog with the picture title as the post title. The actual posts did not seem to be affected. We deleted 3 of the 4 and could provide a link to the 4th if need be. We might not even be too concerned as it is probably a temporary glitch but if people are seeing those posts, and commenting on them, then we do wonder how the heck they are finding them, and how much of our traffic is not seeing our "real" blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Anyway, our real concern was that phantom posts appeared last night. We can't see them anywhere except in places like notifications or most popular posts.

    I've tagged this thread to bring that issue to Staff attention.

  3. I will show you why it's confusing. Ryan says it is redundant to put title tags yet one of your links to One Cool Site has this to say about it.

    "Without a TITLE tag, no ‘hover text’ will show up when the mouse passes over your image. Hover text is a useful way of letting search engines and readers know what’s in a picture. Include a keyword in title."

  4. When you hover over an image and there is no title text what is displayed is the ALT text.

  5. Not on our blog, it's either the title or nothing.

  6. Regarding the phantom posts, can you please provide the URL for one of them, or have you deleted them already?

  7. Oh sorry, I see the link now. One second.

  8. That's an image attachment page. It's not actually a post, just a page that's automatically created for the uploaded image.

    This is done automatically for all uploaded files.

  9. Ok, but how come someone was able to comment on one of them? I don't think these things are supposed to be public are they?

  10. And we have never seen those pages before.

  11. Attachment pages aren't new. If you don't want visitors to be able to comment on them there's a workaround you can use.

    You can only have attachment pages with no comment box if you create the post under a no-comments-allowed default (in Settings > Discussion), then override that setting for the particular post after you publish it (post editor > Discussion module > tick “Allow comments on this post”, or Posts > Edit > Quick Edit > tick “Allow comments”).

  12. That's a lot of complicated for something that was running extremely smooth until yesterday. We never noticed attachment pages before and we were quite happy. Now we know we have them and it feels like a big mess was dumped in our laps.

  13. You can tell it to link to the image instead of the attachment page.

  14. Ok, I just posted and it looks like we have the link to the image as we prefer it. But there is no hover text on the image in the post, so I have to ask why we are given the option to name the image if the title does not appear anywhere? And the image has the upload name not the one we chose while posting. I would really prefer to do this (naming the image) during posting rather than when we save the post to our computers because we have two different systems for finding the images.

    We have over 1800 images on this blog so all the issues surrounding images are very important to us, especially if we have to redo the whole blog. This change came just as we had reached the 400 mark in redoing images on our blog so I hope you can understand how this new deal has possibly impacted us :).

    We do troubleshoot on our own as much as we can and only bother the volunteers when we can't find solutions on our own. We really appreciate the efforts of the volunteers in these forums.

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