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new Poll feature

  1. masterclasslady

    mmmadmin - I am using the Andreas 09 theme. And I had no trouble centering it using the visual mode of the rich text editor.

    You should see the code when you access the "visual" mode. Then highight the code, press the "align center" button and that should do the trick.

    Have you tried adding <center></center> tags as bookends for the code?

    Example: <center>Your poll code</center>

  2. the new feature is awesome i made one a few seconds ago

  3. masterclasslady

    Okay, I see the problem now. I used the <div></div> tags because I added a background color to the poll. The <div></div> does the trick.

    Here is my code; <div style="background-color:#cc9966;text-align:center;">[polldaddy poll=your poll number]</div>.

    Just substitute the background color for whatever color you want. If you want white, the code would be:

    <div style="background-color:#ffffff;text-align:center;">[polldaddy poll=YOUR POLL NUMBER]</div>

  4. centering works perfect with the <div> tag! Thanks masterclasslady!

    Now if someone could explain why I can't have my poll in a text widget ( so that I wouldn't have to construct an awkward bypass...

    A, and by the way, I'm also interested on how to use my automatic registering to Polldaddy...

    All in all, fantastic resource (and I hope the small glitches will go away)...

  5. When the screen appears for the poll entry, it won't allow me to enter the question or answers to the poll? What am I doing wrong?

    David [email removed, don't feed the spammers - vanillalounge]

  6. masterclasslady

    You are most welcome dokiskaki.

  7. justanotherfilmbuff

    I'm using ambiru and am not able to center the poll... Please help

  8. @tucam/ Any one else with this issue

    You’ll need to contact support for this matter.

  9. @knittingdoc- David, never a good idea to post your email address in the forums. It makes it a target for spammers. I hope you don't mind, I've added a tag to this post asking the mods to remove it. Anyone wanting to contact you can do so via your blog since you linked it to your username.

  10. Nice Feature.

    I'm just wondering: Am I able to see what people write in the 'other' section?
    The Poll overview counts the votes for 'others' but it doesnt show what the other answer is, although it says 'See Below' behind it.



  11. Some 'other' answers are visible now. It seems that it takes 2 or more people to vote 'other' for the free text becomes visible...

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