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New popup commercial at bottom of blog page

  1. Today when I scroll past the first post, a commercial popup appears to sell people on blogging at, along with information on the theme being used, with active links. That's bad enough, but what's worse, there's no way I can see to shut it off: it remains constantly at the bottom of screen.

    I have to say that I REALLY dislike it, but I imagine that I just haven't found how to turn it off. In any event, it seems a very ill-advised feature, and making the default to be "on" equally ill-advised.

    Can I get some help on how to get rid of this obnoxious popup?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Staff have been introducing “infinite scroll" to themes — a site wide change.
    See here for Disabling Infinite Scroll on your Blog
    Note that "disabling" the feature (when you use footer widgets) simply changes it from loading automatically to loading via the "Load More Posts" tab, and you can't disable that "Load More Posts" tab from appearing without the Custom Design upgrade.

  3. Thank you for the links. I really do not understand the technical issues---I'm a fairly naive user---but I'll try to figure them out. I do not understand yet why this is a good idea, but perhaps the reason is embedded in the technical discussion---which on first reading seems extremely disjointed and hard to follow.

    sigh. Well, no one promised that it would be easy.

  4. You're welcome.

  5. Okay, I like infinite scrolling, but I do not like unsolicited advertising---as a reader or blogger. I understand the blog title link: to get back to the top.

    How do I turn off the "blog at" and the theme-name links? Those are what is obnoxious. And the popup seems MUCH larger than necessary. Plus the blog name link to top is not at all obvious. Can I change to read "To top" instead of the name of the blog?

    In other words, I would like some control on the content of the popup.

  6. I don't help with CSS editing but I can flag this thread so it is moved to the CSS Forum. Do you have the CSS upgrade?

  7. As I study this more---and this is not what I planned to do today---it seems that a "custom design upgrade" (available for purchase) would enable a technically capable blogger to make the changes. I'm willing to pay to make the footer significantly smaller, change the blog name in the footer to be "To top" and to remove the "blog at" and the theme-name links.

    Is that possible with a custom design upgrade? I did look at the "Custom Design" page under "Appearance", but it does not cover this and also will require me to hire someone to make the changes, but I first want to ascertain that what I want to do is possible.

  8. I do have the CSS upgrade, and it may be that my wife, more technically competent than I, could do the work, if it is possible. The CSS changes I had already purchased were converted to the new set-up, apparently.

  9. If you change the footer your site can be suspended - the terms of service require the footer to be present and shrinking it would probably get you in trouble - note also that the VIP hosting that starts at $ 20,000/year requires the footer to be left intact

  10. I use Twenty Eleven, and have the CSS upgrade, HATE infinite scrolling and never ending pages, and was able to return my blog to the "older posts - newer posts" way it used to be.

    I don't care about the advertising... WordPress hosts my blog, and they require that info tagline. Having it where it has always been, as it has always been, back at the bottom of the page, is fine with me.

  11. Okay: so the answer is "No." Ads must remain, footer must remain large, etc.

    I really don't like this, but I suppose that's hard cheese for me. The whole thing seems high-handed and authoritarian, but I expect we'll see more of that (e.g., the Facebook mentality that led to their changing everyone's default email address to be a Facebook address, though in that case one is able to change it back).

    For a normal user---one who does not faithfully follow WordPress's own blogs---this was also done without specific notice (e.g., emailing the users).

    Leaves a very sour taste in the mouth, overall. But it is interesting to see the change in attitude. Has WordPress been purchased recently? This kind of action seems like a new direction.

  12. @leisureguy
    The reference I made above was to using the workaround to get rid of the pop-up. Note that "disabling" the feature (when you use footer widgets) will changes it from loading automatically to loading via the "Load More Posts" tab, and you can't disable that "Load More Posts" tab from appearing without the Custom Design upgrade. So if you disable infinite scroll it would be the "Load More Posts" link that appears that you could hide. That would not result in blog suspension as the footer credit links would still be there.

  13. @lwisureguy
    I know whereof I speak and I provided correct information.

  14. Ah. Okay. Now I get it. (I told you I was technically naive.) So I can get rid of the large pop, replacing it with a small "Load more posts" clickable link to the earlier posts, as before. Got it.

    Many thanks, timethief. It seems to me that you deserve a more elevated title than simply "member."

    I'll get my wife to look at the workaround and implement it soon. I really appreciate your help.

  15. 1. You get rid of the pop-up by using the widget workaround described here to disbale infinite scroll >

    2. When you do the a "Load more posts" link will automatically appear.

    3. If you do not like that "Load more posts" link then you can hide it with CSS editing.

  16. P.S. Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate them. :)

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