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"new post" button appears in wrong place on stats page

  1. Greetings, all. I have trolled forums and support for an answer to this question, and have found no answer. On the upper right of my dashboard and my stats page there is a grey "new post" button floating over the "switch" and "help" buttons. It obviously shouldn't be there. I have cleared my cache and deleted my cookies. I'm using the Quentin theme.

  2. That button is the favorites or quick menu and shows up on every page in the dashboard.

  3. Oh. Well, it covers up the "switch" button to view the stats on different blogs, and it covers up the "help" button, so it's in a really odd place. Are you sure we are talking about the same thing? Its difficult to click on "switch" or "help" because of it. Can I make it go away? There are plenty of other buttons to click on for a new post.

  4. Can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing and upload it to your blog? Then profile the url to the image file here.

  5. Goodness. I don't know how to take a screen shot. I've always wanted to know, though... does this work?

    .... no. I tried selecting, copying and pasting, but it only copied the banner at the top. I guess I need guidance.

  6. I'm running Windows XP service pack 3. Thanks for your help.

  7. With the window active that you want to screenshot, press the "print screen" button on your keyboard. Then open Paint and open a new file. Then press ctrl-v to paste the screenshot into paint. Save it to your desktop as either a jpg, png or gif file (selectable when you go to save it). Then upload it to your blog like you would a normal image, but don't insert it into a post.

  8. I got the screen shot, but wasn't given the option to save it as a jpg, png or gif. The best option given seemed to be to save it as a web page. I then went to "quick press" and tried to upload it as an image, but it was saved as a blank post.

    Perhaps it would help to note that the "new post" button appears first, fleetingly on the dark bar right next to "howdy, me/turbo/log out" which looks correct, but then it moves down and to the right, landing over "screen options" or "switch".

  9. I now have a jpg file and a png file of the image in my media library, but am unsure of how to make them available to you without publishing them in a post.

  10. The new interface seems to have some shortcomings regarding the media library. Go to your media library from a new post and click on the show link for the screenshot. Under link URL, if it is blank, click on the "file URL button and then copy that URL out and onto your clipboard.

    Come here to the forum and paste that link into a "reply" here.

  11. Also, what browser are you using?

  12. @dreamtimeant

    You can also use Jing project for screen shots
    It has a share option.

    Jing Project Mac & Windows

    Here is there introduction video

    Also Here is a video I made show the Capabilities of Jing,


    Hi thesacredpath, I am using IE7 for a browser. I went into my media library and a new post and saw no "show link" option. I opened the attachment with the image of my screen shot and copied the web address and pasted it here. Does that work?

  14. It's returning a file not found error.

    Since it will be staff that will be looking at it, what was the name of the file(s) you uploaded from your computer? Staff has access to your media library so they can take a look.

  15. Hi teck07,

    I think I got the screen shot handled, as per the above post. Thanks for your help. I'll look into Jing Project, as I'm always interested in newer and easier ways to do techie stuff.

  16. Hi thesacredpath,

    the file I uploaded from my desktop is: C:\Documents and Settings\Jasmine\Desktop\screen shot floating button_files

    If I go to my media library, hit edit, then copy the web address it is:

  17. You should go to the media library, click on view on the attachment where the screenshot is located and then click on the image and then copy paste the URL to the image over here.

  18. That doesn't work as you no longer get the image URL when you do that. You get an attachment ID, which is not accessible by anyone not signed in to the blog.

  19. At this point it seems like a lot of work for a small problem, which will probably get worked out over time as the new dashboard gets tweaked. I doubt its only me who has been affected. I will keep trying to export that screenshot - just because I'm not a quitter! - so please don't close this thread for a little while. I do have a job, as it turns out, and they expect me to show up and work NOT on my blog. Thanks again for all the help.

  20. @dreamtimeant
    What's happening is there isn't enough room in the admin header for everything, so that favorites button/drop down is being bumped down. We're going to push out a fix later tonight to limit the length of long blog titles in the admin header.

  21. Yup. If I collapse my "favorites" column on the left to provide more width to my wordpress screen, the "new post" button goes back to its place next to the blog title.

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