New Post – can't change visual/html, buttons not displayed

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    Since roughly 11p on 6/11/12, New Post has not displayed any formatting buttons, not let me switch from HTML to Visual, and the Add Media button has not worked (no response when clicked – Poll & Custom Form appear to work fine).

    Also, Edit Post has the same issues.

    I figured there was upgrade work going on but, 24 hours later, I’m still having these problems and none of my blog buddies are seeing the same thing. I have not performed any software upgrades. I’m running Firefox 12.0 on a pc.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you currently using AdBlock?

    If so, would you please report that AdBlock is interfering with our website and try to whitelist us ?

    If whitelisting us or disabling Adblock did not work for you, please try enabling HTTPS to see if that makes a difference:

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