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    Hi! When I enter content in the new post – 1. it freezes/is slow 2. will not copy/paste very well 3. will not allow me to highlight items within the post 4. when I try to add an image, it doesn’t recognize it/freezes 5. if I try to publish what is there, it will publish it but when I review the post, the content is not showing. So, I’m not able to post content. I downloaded Internet Explorer 9 a couple days ago – could this be the reason? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    First, please try clearing your browser cache and cookies:

    I have a few questions.

    1. Does the problem happen only on IE9?
    2. Where are you copying the contents from? (e.g. another web page, Word document)
    3. Do you have any issue if you create a new post from scratch without copying and pasting contents?



    I’m having the same problems – only started since I installed IE9 (after seeing the post here on about how great it was with blogs). It does not matter if I’m:
    1. opening a new post
    2. copying or uploading a draft post from Live Writer Beta
    3. opening to edit an existing post created entirely on the WP site

    In all cases, the content section is locked up and is also creating some odd formatting (such as removing the extra line below all carriage returns).

    I’m going to uninstall IE9 for the time being to see if that fixes it (hopefully) – but was just getting to like IE9 otherwise…



    Update: switching to Chrome allows me to edit content and format correctly just fine. Looks like IE9 and aren’t playing so nice together afterall…



    AND…perhaps I spoke to soon. Formatting revisions in Chrome (like the extra line at carriage returns) are not “sticking” either. But at least the content section is not locking up.



    I know, blogs are by timestamp but in the name of continuous improvement the ability to hide posts or sort posts would be a big improvement. I shouldn’t have to remove previous posts simply to ensure what is relevant is visible. N’est Pas?

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