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New post doesn't appear in READER...again

  1. This just happened this weekend, when there was approx a 36 hour delay in posts showing up in "Blogs I Follow" part of "READER". It shows up under TOPICS, but not "Blogs I Follow".
    When this happens, the people that follow my blog will have NO idea there is a post, since they can't see it in READER.
    A nice young lady named TimeThief tried to help, but she was a volunteer, not a Happiness Engineer.

    I know it only takes seconds for READER to update. This post was an over 90 minutes ago.
    Does anyone know why this is happening?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. OK, an hour and a half, I ask the question here.
    .......and five minutes after I post this, suddenly it's there.

    Seriously, guys....what's going on?

  3. Does anyone know why this is happening?

    I'm sorry but I don't know and I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  4. Thanks as ever, TimeThief!

    This isn't "end-of-the-world" stuff, but:
    if I blog, and folks are following it, if my posts don't show up under "Blogs I Follow", pretty much defeats the purpose of "Blogs I Follow"....

  5. BTW, to assist the Staff when they research this:

    The post that I was referring to was "180".
    And for reference, there were several this past weekend, as well.

    Thanks, in advance....

  6. You aren't alone as there is now another report >

  7. jacquiefinister

    I'm having a problem where the entire Reader link stuff just doesn't load - if I click the link along the top, the page loads with just the headers and a small '0' in the upper left hand corner - even the footer disappers and NONE of the sub-menus linked to Reader under the W icon work - at all....Been like this for nearly a week now.... This isn't just new posts - I don't see ANY of the posts for the blogs I follow in the Reader. Not sure if they're linked in any way... :(

  8. Thank you for flagging this, TimeThief! And I'm relieved to see I'm not alone in experiencing this.

    When this happens, it is a time-sensitive issue. If you follow several blogs like I do, a blog that doesn't show up initially, but then appears a few hours later, won't be seen by lots of followers, since it shows up in order of submission. Once I scroll down to the ones that I have already seen, I'm not going to go past that point to look for posts that weren't there before, but now suddenly are.

    Again, thanks so much for flagging this. My hope springs eternal....

  9. Your latest post included over 10 categories + tags. We hide posts with more than 10 categories + tags from the Reader to prevent spammers from exploiting it.

    Just make sure that your next post has less than 10 categories + tags.

  10. Had no idea. OK, I'll make sure they all stay under 10 from now on.

    Thanks for the heads-up, macmanx: I would never have guessed that was the reason.

  11. You're welcome!

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