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    Hi everyone,

    I’m new to WordPress and loving it. One thing I have noticed since my number of e-mail subscribers has grown is that they are not accessing the site (and all the other cool sections) itself, because the whole new blog post is appearing in the e-mail notification….so they read the post, then move on. As such my site usage has really dropped off.

    Is there a way I can set up the notification e-mail they get, so that they only get, say, the first paragraph and picture, and they have to click on a link to go into the site to continue reading? (like it does when you share on Facebook)

    Thanks for your help!

    Dave (The 23rd Parallel)

    The blog I need help with is



    You can control the length of the entry sent out on your RSS feed here Dashboard > Settings > Reading. Choose the “summary” setting for your RSS feed rather than to “full text”. That will compel followers who are not using mobiles to click into the blog to read the full post which will create a page view stat.

    Additional information re: stats, likes, comments and follows

    Our stats are not real time stats and take time to update. There are frequent fluctuations that most do not notice because we aren’t watching the process. For details see here and here and note the views and viewers take hours to update.

    Our stats are page view stats. But please do not assume that everyone who clicks a follow, like, share, reblog or comment link actually reads the post on your blog because odds are they may not.

    Follow, like, share, reblog or comment clicks are not page views. In fact, follows, likes, shares, comments and reblogs are completely misleading when you are talking about page view stats.

    Your followers and anyone with a account who is logged into can “follow” your blog, “like”, “share” and “reblog” your posts and “comment” in several locations such as the Reader, without ever clicking into your blog. Subscribers control how frequently they receive your posts (instantly, daily, weekly) and can comment without clicking into the blog.

    Logged in visitors using a mobile can read the full post without creating a page view stat.



    awesome – thanks time thief. love the name!

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